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In view of ______ David has worked in such countries as Italy, France, and Germany before, he is

the best choice for the new position in London.

(A) the fact that

(B) the reason for


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  • 9 年前

    The point is "that", because the sentence after the blank space is "David has worked in such countries ...". This sentence is a clause, hence it needs "that" to lead this sentence. You can still use (B), but you need to replace "for" with "that", then you can use (B) also.

    2011-12-04 11:42:16 補充:

    On the other hand, since "David has worked in such countries ..." is a "fact", not a "reason". therefore, if both has "that" at the end, it is still better to use "the fact that", not "the reason that".

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  • rhody
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    9 年前

    for 是介詞,David是主詞,單憑這點就不能選B;看這裡。

  • bravo
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    9 年前