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" Sempre va " 是什麼文?什麼意思?

” Sempre va " 是什麼文?什麼意思?


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    I think, it shall be:

    Siempre va !

    If so, it is Spanish!

    Siempre = always

    va = he goes, or she goes.

    put them together:

    Siempre va = He (or She) always goes.

    let me give you a little more about "va".

    Its original verb form is "ir" (an irregular verb)

    in Spanish, for every subject, verb will need to change accordingly:

    voy = I go

    vas = you go

    va = he or she goes

    vamos = we go

    van = they go

    since every subject has its own verb conjugation. Therefore, lots of time, the subject is omitted. Like above I have omitted yo (I), tu (you), él (he), ella (she), nosotros (we), ellos (they). The above is ONLY for the present tense. Spanish has about 18 tenses (as I remembered, maybe wrong).

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    by the way, if it is not Spanish, then I am sorry to give you the wrong answer !

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