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請問sustainable initiatives翻成什麼?

請 河豚 和 線上翻譯就別來了


請問一下,sustainable initiatives這個詞是翻成什麼呢?



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Committed to innovate in global marketing and complement the government to help Taiwanese businesses accomplish their goal of selling products to every corner of the world, TAITRA actively joins international trade fairs and launches sustainable business initiatives.

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In 2010, TAITRA held seven trade shows in China, contributing $17.8 billion worth of business opportunities and is expected to bring to Taiwan $5.6 billion from emerging markets and $5.63 billion from US, Europe and Japan through its sourcing projects.

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  • Julie
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    9 年前

    sustainable 在商業上有永續發展的意思

    initiative 是一個名詞, 在商業或政治等組織的活動上則指 " 造勢活動 " , 可以用event, campaign 等來取代.

    所以TAITRA actively joins international trade fairs and launches sustainable business initiatives 是說TAITRA 這個公司積極地參與國際性的貿易展覽並著手於舉辦有助於公司永續發展的商業活動.

    2011-12-06 08:20:47 補充:

    Sorry, 有眼不識泰山, TAITRA 是貿協 ( 中華民國對外貿易發展協會) .

    您需要整段翻譯嗎? 別客氣哦!

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    2011-12-05 08:07:37 補充:

    Hey, are you from a native English speaking country or a native Taiwanese?

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    "initiatives" has many possibility, so it needs a sentence or even a paragraph to determine the exact meaning.

    2011-12-05 07:41:40 補充:

    Based upon the paragraph you have with "sustainable initiatives" shall mean "能持續的行動", because it means that government is trying provide this action, so company can continue their business with different opportunity.

    2011-12-05 07:43:31 補充:

    I don't really know how to type in Chinese. Those Chinese characters were done by my son. Oh!, I just saw mistake "trying provide" shall be "trying to provide".

    2011-12-05 07:46:08 補充:

    Since I am not able to type in Chinese. Let me try to explain a little more about "initiative". In the paragraph, it means "government is trying to lead and initiate the business opportunity, so company can follow it and then government can step back to let company take over".

    2011-12-05 07:48:51 補充:

    With "sustainable" in front of "initiatives", it will mean "hopefully, with the lead and initiation from government, after company takes over, the business can continue on without interruption or even termination".

    2011-12-05 08:14:03 補充:

    native Taiwanese

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    sustainable initiatives