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    If it is not in stock, then you will need to wait for 10 business days.

    If it is out of stock, then it will take 10 business day to fill your order.


    For the pedestal, it needs 100 dollars extra.

    There are $100 extra charge for the pedestal.


    1. "business days" means from Monday to Friday

    2. "pedestal" can be "base", "foundation" ... and so on, since I

    have no idea what kind of 底座 it is, so I just use "pedestal"

    2011-12-08 01:16:22 補充:

    By the way, in English "pedestal" is something you use to support underneath . For example; in the bathroom, some sort of sink is supported by a pedestal, which look like a column. Since I have no idea, what 底座 looks like in your case, I just randomly choose the word.

    2011-12-08 01:16:40 補充:

    However, be conservative, I think "base" might be a better choice.

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    1. "If there is no stock, need to wait for ten working days."

    2. "Base must increase 100 yuan."

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    1. "If there is no spot, waiting ten working days."2. "base charges $ 100"

    現有貨品Existing goods存貨量The amount of stock

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    If there is no stock now, the supply will take ten working days.

    HK$100.00 is charged extra for each pedestal.

    2011-12-08 19:11:42 補充:

    The pedestal is charged extra at HK$100.00 per set/per piece.