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短句子中翻英 翻譯網誤入

''原來我心裡一直有你的位置 ''





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  • 9 年前

    It turns out to be that, in my heart, there is always a place for you.

    As a matter of fact, there is (always) a place in my heart for you.

    Actually, I always have a place in my heart for you.

    As it turns out, always having a place in my heart is for you.

    Hopefully, these will help for your tattoo ! I wonder there is enough space where you like to tattoo on for one of these sentences.

    2011-12-07 05:02:35 補充:

    I think, you can also curtail these sentences or words in the above sentences:

    (1)It turns out to be that, (2)as a matter of fact, (3)actually, and (4)as it turns out. These all somehow mean "原來" which, I think, is not the center of your sentence, so omitting them will not lose the meaning.

    2011-12-07 05:16:44 補充:

    I am just curious, this is a simple and common sentence, how can 翻譯網 misguide you ? If it is really that bad, you might want to make aware of this site, so YK+ users can avoid using it.

    參考資料: self
  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    You had my heart has been the location of

  • 9 年前

    You occupy a place in my mind permanently.

    你 占據了我內心的一席方寸之地 直到永久

    個人人為 既然是刺青 便不須太複雜的句構 主動句就很棒了!

  • 9 年前

    I've always had your position

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  • 9 年前


    ''原來我心裡一直有你的位置'' ~ There is a place in my heart for you all along.

    All along ~ 從一開始就…; 一直都…


    There has always been a place for you in my heart.