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奶瓶 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

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排骨酥湯材料: 小排骨 400g 蛋 半個 蒜末 1/2T 青葱 3支 冬瓜 1塊 香菜 地瓜粉調味料: 醬油 2t 雞粉 1/2t 酒 1T 糖 1t 五香粉 1/4t 白胡椒粉 1/4t做法:1. 取一個塑膠袋加入蒜末.蛋汁.調味料(醬油.雞粉.酒.糖.五香粉及胡椒粉)及小排骨拌勻,放入冰箱醃至隔天再用.

2. 取出排骨沾上地瓜粉,並放至略為反潮備用.

3. 將小排骨放入油鍋中炸,炸至熟透,再轉大火炸酥,撈出瀝油備用.

4. 另取一鍋子加入水煮開,並加入雞粉及塩調味成為簡易高湯備用.(或買罐頭雞高湯來用)

5. 鍋中入少許的油爆香葱段.

6. 取數個燉盅或容器,分別放入排骨酥.冬瓜塊及爆香的葱段

7. 移入電鍋中,並在燉盅內加入高湯至九分滿,外鍋放1.5杯-2杯的水,煮至電鍋跳起.(依自己喜歡的軟爛度來決定外鍋的水量)

8. 取出倒入碗中並加入香菜即可.(取出時挑出青葱)


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你覺得winter melons外國人會覺得是冬瓜嗎.....

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  • 8 年前


    Crispy Spare Rib Soup.

    材料: 小排骨 400g 蛋 半個 蒜末 1/2T 青葱 3支 冬瓜 1塊 香菜 地瓜粉

    Ingredients: Small pork spare ribs 400 grams, a half of an egg, Minced garlic 1/2 tsp, green onion 3 sticks, winter melon 1 piece, Cilantro, Sweet potato starch.(在國外冬瓜是稱為winter melon沒錯)調味料: 醬油 2t 雞粉 1/2t 酒 1T 糖 1t 五香粉 1/4t 白胡椒粉 1/4t

    Spices: Soy sauce 2 tsp, Chicken broth powder 1/2 tsp,cooking wine 1 tsp, sugar 1 tsp, five spice powder 1 tsp, white pepper powder 1/4 tsp.

    做法:(method)1. 取一個塑膠袋加入蒜末.蛋汁.調味料(醬油.雞粉.酒.糖.五香粉及胡椒粉)及小排骨拌勻,放入冰箱醃至隔天再用.

    Put minced garlic, spices (soy sauce, chicken broth powder, cooking wine, sugar, five spice powder and white pepper), and the ribs in a plastic bag and mix well. Leave in fridge for over night.

    2. 取出排骨沾上地瓜粉,並放至略為反潮備用.

    Take the ribs out and roll them over the potato starch, set aside until completely soaked through.

    3. 將小排骨放入油鍋中炸,炸至熟透,再轉大火炸酥,撈出瀝油備用.

    Deep fry the ribs until well done, turn up the flame so they become crispy. use a strainer to take the ribs out to drain excess grease.

    4. 另取一鍋子加入水煮開,並加入雞粉及塩調味成為簡易高湯備用.(或買罐頭雞高湯來用)

    Boil water in a separate pot, add chicken broth power and salt for the soup base. (canned chicken broth can also be used instead)

    5. 鍋中入少許的油爆香葱段.

    Sear the chopped green onion in a wok with just a little oil.

    6. 取數個燉盅或容器,分別放入排骨酥.冬瓜塊及爆香的葱段

    Fill several cups or containers with the crispy ribs, winter melon chunks and the seared green onions.

    7. 移入電鍋中,並在燉盅內加入高湯至九分滿,外鍋放1.5杯-2杯的水,煮至電鍋跳起.(依自己喜歡的軟爛度來決定外鍋的水量)

    Put the cups or containers in the rice cooker, fill the containers with 90% full of soup base, pour 1.5-2 cups of water into the outter layer of the cooker. Cook until the switch pops. (The tenderness of the ribs can be decided by the volumn of the water added to the outter layer.)

    8. 取出倒入碗中並加入香菜即可.(取出時挑出青葱)

    Take out the contents, pour into bowls and add cilantro. (discard the green onion when doing so.) It's ready to serve.


    參考資料: jim
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    6 年前
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  • 8 年前

    Spareribs soup

    Materials: small ribs 400g egg half end 1/2T the lush tropical vegetation of 3 white gourd with garlic parsley 1 block sweet potato powder

    Condiment: 1/2T wine 1T 2T chicken powder sugar and 1T soy sauce spicy white pepper powder 1/4t 1/4t


    1. take a plastic bag to join garlic. egg sauce. condiments (soy. chicken powder. wine. sugar. five-spice powder and pepper) and small ribs mix, salted to the next day and then into the refrigerator.2. remove the ribs covered with sweet potato powder and placed slightly anti-surge to standby.3. small ribs into the oil pan fried, FRY until cooked, then fried crisp fire, remove asphalt oil reserve.4. take another pot into boiling water and add chicken seasoning powder and salt into a simple soup stock spare. (Gao Tanglai or buy canned chicken)5. the pan of oil burst into a small green onion.6. take the number of stew or container, respectively in the ribs crisp. white gourd and detonation fragrant spring onions7. moving into the rice cooker, and added to the stew soup to nine points, 1.5 outer pot Cup-2 cups of water, and cook until rice cooker jumps. (According to their own preferred soft rot to decisions outside the pot of water)8. pour out into a bowl and add coriander. (Singling out when removed lush tropical vegetation)

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  • 8 年前

    Spareribs crisp soup Material:

    Small spareribs 400g Egg half Garlic end 1/2T Shallot 3 Winter melon 1 Coriander Sweet potato powder Seasoning:

    Soy sauce 2t chicken powder 1/2t Liquor 1T Sugar 1t Allspice 1/4t White pepper powder 1/4t Procedure:


    Takes one to model the plastic bag to join the garlic end. Egg juice. Seasoning (soy sauce. Chicken powder. Liquor. Sugar. The allspice and the ground pepper) and the small spareribs mixed evenly, put in the refrigerator salt to previous day again to use.


    Takes out the spareribs to stain the sweet potato powder, and puts to slightly the counter tide spare.


    Puts in the wok with cooking oil the small spareribs to explode, explodes to thoroughly ripe, transfers the fire to explode again crisply, bails out drainings the oil spare.


    In addition takes a bowl to join the water to boil up, and joins the chicken powder and 塩 blends flavors into the simple soup stock spare. (or buys canned food chicken soup stock to use)


    In the pot enters the little oil to explode the fragrant onion section.


    Fetching cooks the cup or the vessel, puts in the spareribs to be crisp separately. The winter melon block and explodes the fragrant onion section 7.

    Moves in the electric saucepan, and in cooks in the cup to join the soup stock to nine point full, outside the pot puts 1.5 - 2 water, boils upsprings to the electric saucepan. (soft rottenness which likes outside according to oneself decides pot's water volume) 8. Takes out pours into the bowl and joins the coriander then. (takes out when picks up shallot)

    參考資料: 朋友
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