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請問clear the legislative floor


我大概知道就是完成立法的意思就是了。我也查不到有關 clear * floor的資料。

原文(不需翻譯,謹供參考) :

The DPP legislative caucus also accused its counterpart Monday of focusing on elections only, meaning that many bills related to the public have failed to clear the legislative floor or left without bipartisan consultation.

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    to clear 當動詞,其中一個意思就是: (在開始施行之前)經過審議,得到認可,例: This plan cleared through the general meeting. (這計畫通過大會的審議) the floor: 指會議的現場 所以clear the legislative floor 指「通過立法院的審議」 請參下列,出自有關美國國會議院資訊1990 (Summer) Public Interest,Congressional despots, then and now, Issue 100, p45-56, 12p的相關用法 “cleared the House floor” (通過議院審議) :

    President Reagan had never sent clean-air legislation to Congress, but Bush drafted comprehensive revisions of the Clean Air Act in 1989. Blocking it would have put Dingell at odds not only with Bush, but also with most congressional Democrats and public opinion. He relented, cosponsoring Bush's bill and negotiating a compromise with his nemesis, Waxman, that cleared the House floor in one day.

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    "clear" means "pass through", and "floor" means "chamber of the legislation". Why it uses "clear the legislative floor"? I think,

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    it is because during the process, there will be lots of foot traffic on the chamber floor that these law makers try to negotiate with each other. When the deal is made, then the foot traffic is clear.

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    so it says "clear the legislative floor".