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想回信予對方家人,煩請協助翻譯下文內容為英文,請勿使用翻譯軟體 ,謝謝!Dear Bill and Ann



常常在FB看到Clark和Selina的生活訊息,了解到他們在美國過的平安及快樂是我們最大的欣慰。Selina常告訴我們他們工作上及生活上遇到的事,也常告訴我們您們待她就像對待自己的女兒一樣,也總是給予他們生活上的空間及包容。看到你們如此的美滿是我們在這個寒冷的季節裡,收到的最溫暖的禮物。謝謝您們為他們所做的一切,祝 平安健康。

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    Dear Bill and Ann:

    How is everything doing (going)?

    Due to my job, I am sorry that I am not able to respond to your letter often. From your letter, I have learned that you two are in good health and I am very happy for you.

    Frequently, I can see the daily life posting for Clark and Selina on FaceBook. Knowing their being safe and happy living in US is our biggest comfort and happiness. Selina often told us about their job and stuffs related to their daily life. Also, they have regularly mentioned to us about your having treated them as your own children and giving them the space (room) and toleration of their life.

    Seeing your being so happy and perfectly satisfactory is the best gift we can receive in this cold season.

    Thank for everything you have done for them! Wish you safe and healthy!

    Sincerely Yours




    In "... giving them the space (room) and ...", "room" doesn't mean "room" as in "bedroom" or "living room". It general means "空間" as in your chinese statement.


    Since some of your chinese sentences are very long, for not breaking into different sentences in English, I have used quite a bit of "Ving" clause.

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    Dear Bill and Ann

    It everything OK?I'm sorry your work relationships, not often write back to you, but from your letter that the two of you body is still robust are very happy for you.Often in FB seeing Clark and Selina's life message, knowing that in the United States peace and happiness is our greatest joy. Selina often tell us they and life at work, and often tell us that you treat her like his own daughter, always give them their space and inclusion.See you so happy are we in this cold season, received the warmest gifts. Thank you for everything they do, wishing peace and health.