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讓我介紹我自己吧!我17歲 家裡有一個姐姐一個弟弟

我住在台灣的花蓮 花蓮有太魯閣國家公園 它的風景很壯觀美麗

我不擅長運動 但是我喜歡打羽球以及游泳



因為台灣是副熱帶地區 夏天天氣很溫暖 即使冬天也不會太冷

到了12/25 台灣人都會慶祝聖誕節 它是台灣很普遍的節日 每個人都期待他到來 我們會交換禮物 擺聖誕樹 吃大餐 還有人會假扮聖誕老人送小朋友禮物

台灣的農曆新年快到了 爸媽會給我們紅包 每個人都會穿新衣服 放鞭炮 用毛筆寫書法在春聯上並貼在家門外 我希望我紅包裡面有很多錢


我可以帶你去吃好吃的台灣美食 例如珍珠奶茶 臭豆腐

你有聽過豬血糕嗎 cnn報導過他被票選為世界十大恐怖食物之一


但是他很好吃 而且吃的時候沒有豬血的味道

它是台灣夜市熱門小吃 大部分外國人來台灣都會品嚐它

我真心覺得你應該是homecoming queen比賽的第一名


我後年想要考化工系 但是我化學不太好

明年這個時候我應該正在認真背英文單字 準備學測 學測是台灣人用來上大學的重要考試

希望你明年可以考上Drexel university的化學系


我知道你的生日快到了 祝你生日快樂

我沒有貼照片是因為來不及 你可以來我fb看 裡面有我和一些可愛的鴨子照片



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    Thank you for being so carefully wrote this card gave me I think it is very touchingLet me introduce myself! I am 17 years old have a sister, a brotherI live in Taiwan flower Lotus Lotus Taroko National Park the scenery is spectacular and beautifulI'm not good at sports but I like to play badminton and swimmingI think you are very powerful because you can play with skisWe're almost there is nowhere to play skiingBecause Taiwan is subtropical region in summer the weather is warm even in winter, it will not be too coldTo twelve-twenty fifths Taiwan people will celebrate Christmas it's Taiwan very common holiday everyone looking forward to him coming we will exchange gifts Christmas tree will eat a big dinner was also posing as Santa Claus children giftTaiwan during the Chinese new year is coming up MOM and dad give us red envelopes everyone wears new clothes and set off firecrackers on the couplets with Chinese brush calligraphy and put up outside the House, I hope that my red envelopes with a lot of moneyIf one day you come to Taiwan to playI can take you to eat delicious Taiwan food such as milk tea with Pearl stinky tofuDo you have heard of pig blood cake CNN reported he was voted as one of the world's top ten terrorist foodAlthough his production process may be full of scaryBut he is very good and didn't taste of pig's bloodIt is a Taiwan night market hot snacks most foreigners come to Taiwan will try itI really think you should be Homecoming Queen competition first prizeBecause you're beautiful and you can become a championI next want to take the Department of chemical engineering, but my chemistry is not very good ------------------------------------------------

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