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小摩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前




1. 穿上這雙鞋跟10公分的高跟鞋,我就有180公分了!

2. 墊兩個五公分的增高鞋墊,我就有180公分了!


3. 我要左邊這雙鞋

4. 我較常選擇平底鞋.


5 個解答

  • 9 年前

    1. 穿上這雙鞋跟10公分的高跟鞋,我就有180公分了!

    With the pair of 10-centimiter high heels, I could be 180 cm.

    2. 墊兩個五公分的增高鞋墊,我就有180公分了!

    With 2 5-centimeter height increase insoles inside my shoes, I could be 180 cm.

    3. 我要左邊這雙鞋

    I'll have the pair on the left.

    4. 我較常選擇平底鞋

    I wear flat shoes more often.

    2011-12-16 00:33:44 補充:

    好的 , 謝謝你!!

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    增高鞋墊Increased insole

    鞋跟高度Heel height

    1 wear these shoes with high heels 10 cm, 180 cm I have a!

    2 the increased cushion insole two five centimeters, I have 180 centimeters!

    3 pairs of shoes I left this

    4, I more frequently choose flat shoes.

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  • T
    Lv 6
    9 年前

    "增高鞋墊" 在美國簡稱為 booster

    假如你要確定對方知道你是說鞋墊˙ 可以說 booster insole

    任何特別用來加高的東西都稱為 booster

    比如說去餐廳幫小孩加高的小椅子也叫做 booster 或是 booster seat.

    2011-12-15 13:32:04 補充:


    If I put two 5-cm boosters in my shoes, I'd be 180-cm tall.

    因為整句話已經很明白的表達你目的是要增加身高˙ 所以只說 booster 就可以表達出 "增高鞋墊" 的意思˙ 不一定要寫 booster insoles.

    2011-12-16 01:32:39 補充:

    To DaSaGwa

    假如鞋底 (鞋前面三分之二部分) 特別厚˙ 那種鞋子叫做 platform

    假如只有鞋根特別高˙ 那種稱為 Stiletto heel

    通常 booster 是說暗藏鞋子內˙要秘密增加身高的墊子˙

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  • 9 年前

    123!+1, I like you use "height increase insoles". However, I have a question, how do you say the kind that they use to increase the height from outside underneath the shoes ?

    2011-12-15 12:46:26 補充:

    They might be made that way, that is, when you see it, the shoe itself has a very thick bottom, I wonder there is name for it or not !

    2011-12-17 09:44:42 補充:

    T!, Thank you very much, very educational, it did cure my curiosity !

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  • CM
    Lv 4
    9 年前

    1. Wearing the ten-centimeter high-heeled shoes, I will be 180 centimeters tall.

    2. With two five-centermeter shoe pads, I will be 180 centimeters tall.

    3. I will take the shoes on the left.

    4. I usually wear flat-heeled shoes.

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