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超緊急! 英文翻譯!! 請勿使用網路翻譯軟體 ~給20點

1. 銷售人員並沒有問我想要看哪一類的產品, 我主動告知想看的包款後, 銷售人員介紹幾款符合我需求的包款後, 銷售人員用討論的方式進一步了解我的需求。 2. 我有主動表示想看看公司在尾牙上當主持的服裝。 3.銷售人員仔細傾聽並瞭解我想要找的是外套後,且非常迅速的推薦符合我的款式及外套並熱情的協助我試穿,並提供產品的特色說明。 4. 當我請銷售人員取下一款紫色牛皮的肩揹包款時,我有說明需要找一款輕便又不會太重的包款,銷售人員幫我把包包內的紙張取出讓要我試揹,試揹後我仍嫌包款太大,於是此時銷售人員到後方倉庫取出一同款式但是體積較小的包款給我參考。 5. 我在逛了幾分鐘後,銷售人員沒有主動要招呼我,是由我向銷售人員提出我要看展示櫃的商品時,她才取下讓我欣賞。 6. 當我表示不喜歡包款時,銷售人員則請我看目錄來挑選。 7. 銷售人員有向我說明包款的特色及材質,也介紹了有不同的顏色及大小尺寸。

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  • Miky
    Lv 5
    9 年前

    1. 銷售人員並沒有問我想要看哪一類的產品, 我主動告知想看的包款後, 銷售人員介紹幾款符合我需求的包款後, 銷售人員用討論的方式進一步了解我的需求。 The sales staff did not ask me what kind of products I’d like to see, I take the initiative to inform him(her) what style I’d want to see, then the sales staff introduced some modes to meet my requirement and she(he) tried to explore my needs thru the discussion with me. 2. 我有主動表示想看看公司在尾牙上當主持的服裝。I am initiative to describe my opinion that I want to see the dressing style which is for my host show in the year-end banquet. 3.銷售人員仔細傾聽並瞭解我想要找的是外套後,且非常迅速的推薦符合我的款式及外套並熱情的協助我試穿,並提供產品的特色說明。 The sales staff listened carefully to know that I want to find a coat, she(he) immediately recommended some dressings which meet my style and helped me to put it on in fitting room, and she(he) described he product feature for my understanding well. 4. 當我請銷售人員取下一款紫色牛皮的肩揹包款時,我有說明需要找一款輕便又不會太重的包款,銷售人員幫我把包包內的紙張取出讓要我試揹,試揹後我仍嫌包款太大,於是此時銷售人員到後方倉庫取出一同款式但是體積較小的包款給我參考。 When I asked the sales staff to show me a purple leather carry bag, I have told her(him) that I liked to lighter one but not heavy. The sales staff took one to let me try but I thought that it was too big. Then the sales staff took the new one which was same mode but smaller from warehouse for my trying again.5. 我在逛了幾分鐘後,銷售人員沒有主動要招呼我,是由我向銷售人員提出我要看展示櫃的商品時,她才取下讓我欣賞。The sales staff didn’t pay her attention on me initiative, after I requested to see the products where was in the showcase then she(he) took that for me. 6. 當我表示不喜歡包款時,銷售人員則請我看目錄來挑選。 The sales staff showed me the catalogue to choose my favorite mode after I said that I didn’t like that style she(he) showed me before.7. 銷售人員有向我說明包款的特色及材質,也介紹了有不同的顏色及大小尺寸。 The sales staff has introduced me the product feature including its materials, dimensions and fashion colors for my understanding.

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    1 sales staff did not ask me what kind of products you want to see, I want to see the package shall take the initiative to inform, the sales staff I meet several needs of the package, the sales staff to discuss the way with a better understanding of my needs .

    2 I have the initiative, said the company would like to see taken in year-end banquet hosted by clothing.

    3 sales staff listen carefully and understand I want to find the coat, the recommended and very quickly in line with my style and warm coat and help me try and provide the characteristics of the product description.

    4 When I asked the sales staff removed a purple leather shoulder bag models, I have the need to find a light and not too much of the package, the sales staff to help me put the paper bag inside out so that to me test back, I think it is still behind the test section of the package is too large, so the sales staff at this time to take out the rear of the warehouse style but with smaller section of the package to me for reference.

    5 I am visiting for a few minutes, the sales staff did not take the initiative to call me by my sales staff to showcase my products to see, she was removed so I appreciate.

    6, when I said they did not like the package section, the sales staff asked me to look at the directory to select.

    7 sales staff has explained to me the features and materials section of the package, but also describes the different colors and sizes.

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