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汪汪狗 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


I grew up in a warm and happy family, State of the economy in a well-to-do family, families get along with each other and between music and harmony. Developed from genetic parents seriously responsible personality such traits also make me to be quite special efforts; parents take a strict approach to my discipline, from small open optimistic lang I, with more opportunities to talk with friends getting along very, it can be said that since childhood laid a good basis for lively and extroverted, and responsible. Usually when someone likes to read the financial books, occasionally use holidays to do some outdoor leisure activities.

During my former role on behalf of the class, belonging to the upper level. I majored in finance, but I want to absorb the financial expertise of experience, so in addition to coursework, I will go to the Library Journal of finance, so as to enrich the financial knowledge to understand the direction of its future work; and I opportunities through a variety of reading books and periodicals, enhance my learning financial, let me also be handy in future work. Very grateful to my teacher is teaching in the classroom that I learned many valuable lessons, so I believe that in its future work, more confidence in the team maximize the effectiveness of cooperation, will be able to work and complete the task.

Be they normally get along with friends, or school groups activities, I often played the role of leader. I am interested in your own work is always crashing in, once you've decided to participate in any transaction, will reach the target. From the IRS work experience, and I found that I had a great influence on future work. So, I learned the importance of do today, and therefore more interested into related industries. Past work experience allowing me to have, the ability that I can establish and maintain good relations between the customer, also hopes for their own future can have better performance in the areas of work.


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    8 年前

    你英文能力可能要再加強一點噢 因為你只有第一句是正確的 /看到一半而已/從第2句開始 那些句子就有些錯誤 請繼續加油

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