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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

食品英文添加物短文 中翻英

麻煩幫我翻譯成英文, 謝謝!!( 麻煩要文句順暢 不要用翻譯網頁翻的 )





4.合法的食品添加物是要申請,經中央主管機關查驗登記,並發給許可證才可上市販賣使用。¢ 增加食物營養成分:在食品加工過程中添加或補充某些營養成分,如:維生素E、維生素C、高鈣奶粉、嬰兒配方奶中添加鐵等。¢ 延長食物保存期限:例如:製作香腸、火腿時,添加硝酸鹽、亞硝酸鹽,不僅可以保持肉色鮮紅,而且可以防止肉毒桿菌滋生。¢ 添加食物色香味:例如:添加色素、香料、調味料等可以改善食品的風味與外觀,可增加消費者購買意願與有助於開發新產品。¢ 降低成本:為了減少食品的損失,保持食物的新鮮度,使用食品添加物可以降低食物在採收、屠宰、處理、加工與運銷所增加的成本。¢ 縮短製造加工的時間:如製作蛋糕時,加入膨脹劑可以縮短攪拌、發酵的時間;製作巧克力時,添加乳化劑,可以縮短乳化的時間並改善品質。

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  • 9 年前

    "Deployment of food manufacturing, processing, packaging, transporting, storage process, coloring, flavoring, preservative, emulsifying, adding flavor, stable quality, promote fermentation, increase consistency, increased nutrients, to prevent oxidation or other purposes or food-contact material. 」

    The characteristics of the food additive is that:1. the food did not exist, is for some purposes specifically added.2. cannot be eaten separately.3. use little, about 1%, often only a few ppm (one out of 10,000, for example: a kilo of food additives to join 1 per thousand GM as a ppm). So when they misuse has a great influence, may be as high as 100 to 1000 times.4. legitimate food additives are to apply by the central competent authority registration and permits issued before listing traffic in use.

    ¢ Increase food nutrition: added during food processing or supplement certain nutrients, such as vitamin e, vitamin c, calcium, add iron infant formula milk powder, and so on.

    ¢ Extend the food preservation term: for example: when making sausage, ham, adding nitrates and nitrites not only to maintain the color red, but also to prevent breeding of botulinum.

    ¢ Add color and scent of food: for example: adding pigments, flavors, spices and so on can improve the flavor and appearance of food, increase consumer buying and contribute to the development of new products.

    ¢ Reduces costs: in order to reduce food losses, maintain the freshness of food, use of food additives can reduce food at harvest, slaughter, processing, processing and distribution of the increase in costs.

    ¢ Shorten the time of manufacture and process: such as when making cakes, joining the expansion agent can shorten the time for mixing, fermentation; when making chocolate, add emulsifiers, you can shorten the time and improve the quality of emulsification.

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  • 9 年前


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