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今天在電影裡看到這一句,She is a water-walker.字幕翻譯的意思是:她不會說的。就是她會謹守祕密的意思,請問有人知道這個詞的意思和其由來嗎?

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    形容 守口如瓶的人

    是Nothing but the truth 那部電影裡的嗎!? :)

    Walking on water is one of the miracles that the Gospels attribute to Jesus. An account of the miracle appears in the Gospels of John (John 6:16-21), of Matthew and of Mark. According to the Biblical narrative, Jesus sent the disciples in a boat, ahead of him, to Bethsaida, but when they were half way across the lake, Jesus walked over the lake and met them. The narrative states that the disciples were scared at first, thinking it was a ghost, but when Jesus revealed himself and got into the boat, they calmed down. According to Matthew, Peter also walked out onto the water towards Jesus, but when Peter saw the wind and the waves, he became afraid and began to sink, and Jesus rescues him.

    Walking on water has subsequently become a colloquialism used when someone achieves the seemingly impossible.


    有什麼問題 隨時問我喔:))

    參考資料: 在美國學習的自己
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    She is a water-walker.她是水沃克。

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    有關Walk on water 的故事請見在下的一篇最佳解答。

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    A: Well, it's been my experience that Miss Armstrong will tell us.

    Right. She's never had her Vassar ass in jail. She'll break.

    B: I don't know. I met her. I looked her in the eye. She's a water-walker.

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    water walker 確來自於聖經。而劇中的意思,指女主角 Rachel Armstrong 有超乎常人的毅力,堅決不透露消息來源(deep-throat),即使面對牢獄之災也決不退縮。


    Urbandictionary 有解釋值得參考,依其post 的時間 Aug 12, 2008,很可能跟這部2008年上演的電影直接相關。

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    Yes, I am indeed! Oh, you are talking about someone else?

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    我看過不少網上的免費盜版電影˙ 很多中文字幕翻譯都是亂翻的˙ 跟英語對話完全牛頭不對馬嘴˙

  • Did u see it in the movie "Nothing but the truth" ?

    I think it means someone who can perform miracles. or.... believer of Jesus.

    It comes from the Bible.

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    The term has its root on Jesus' walking on the water. It means someone capable of doing the impossible. Without the context, it's difficult to determine why the term was translated the way it is.