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內容: 本研究進行瓷磚抗拉強度之探討,主要考慮參數為瓷磚、黏結材種類、塗置時間。試驗結果發現(1)對於黏結材料水泥加海菜粉的瓷磚施工,應以塗置完後進行施工黏結可獲致最佳的效果。(2)瓷磚的吸水性對其黏著強度有影響,應搭配適當之黏結材。

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    In this study, the tensile strength of the tiles of the main parameters considered for the tile, adhesive material types, painted set time. Test results showed that (1) adhesive materials for cement tile construction CCLEC food powder should be applied after the construction bond may be set to cause the best results. (2) tile water absorption affect its adhesion strength should be with the appropriate adhesive material.

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  • 9 年前

    Discussion of the present study on tensile strength of ceramic tiles, the main consideration parameters for tiles, types of bonding material, coated time. Test and found that (1) in the case of cement bonding material and edible seaweed powder tile construction should be reset after the construction of James Bond can be achieved the best results. (2) water absorption effects on adhesion strength of ceramic tile, should match the appropriate bonding material.

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