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我想請問以下3個文案如何翻譯成英文~ 謝謝您



夜間燈光必須能展現建築本身特色,使建築在夜間容易辨識並成為地標。本案位於板橋市中山路,鄰近新北市政府新板特區及府中捷運站,交通便利且能見度高,是一共28層樓高的新東方風格大氣豪宅。照明計畫將立面水平區分為三個層次:屋突飛簷的幾何造型採用了35W廣角上照投射燈及隱蔽式LED冷陰極燈 迎照出花開富貴結合珠圓月滿的東方意象, 如皇冠式壯麗的穹頂碧池下在夜空中散發出王者氣度的耀眼明珠。立面也點綴了琥珀色LED點燈依序排列出建築水平量感,呈現莊重華美的雍容之象,陽台也使用了雙光源設計PL廣角燈 , 表現出建築物新古典主義的簡約風格。建築基座部分搭配了150W窄角投射燈襯托出建築基座使用黃鑽花崗岩的沉穩厚實感,訂製上下照壁燈也將入口營造出莊容大氣的迎賓氛圍, 讓每一位住戶都有貴族禮遇的安心歸屬感。

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    文案一 (Project #1)

    夜間燈光必須能展現建築本身特色,使建築在夜間容易辨識並成為地標。本案位於板橋市中山路,鄰近新北市政府新板特區及府中捷運站,交通便利且能見度高,是一共28層樓高的新東方風格大氣豪宅。The night illumination light must be able to represent the characteristic of construction itself, allowed the building to be easily recognised during the night and becomes the landmark of the region. This project was located in Zhongshan Road , Banqiao City. It's close to The New Taipei City government office Zin-Ban special zone and the MRT- FuJung station, great convenience on communications and has high visibility, it's a building with total of 28 floors high and was also a new eastern style of a grand majesty mansion. 照明計畫將立面水平區分為三個層次:屋突飛簷的幾何造型採用了35W廣角上照投射燈及隱蔽式LED冷陰極燈 迎照出花開富貴結合珠圓月滿的東方意象, 如皇冠式壯麗的穹頂碧池下在夜空中散發出王者氣度的耀眼明珠。 The illumination plan of the raising surface was divided into three different levels : The protrude of it's eaves geometric modeling has used the 35W wide-angle projection lights and the hidden type cold cathode LED lights to performthe images of the wealthiness and nobility, it combined with eastern full moon reunion figure, portraying an dazzling pearl which were on top of an imperial crown to express it's unique,majesty,spectacular sense under a magnificent galaxy at night. 立面也點綴了琥珀色LED點燈排列出建築水平量感,呈現華美雍容之象,陽台也使用雙光源設計PL廣角燈 , 表現出建築物古典主義的簡約風格。 The raising surface also embellish with amber colour brown LED lights to arrange the construction horizontal quantity, presenting majesty and gorgeous views. The balcony also using the due-light sources PL wide-angle lambs, to display the classical and simplicity style of this building. 建築基座搭配了150W窄角投射燈襯托出建築基座使用黃鑽花崗岩的沉穩厚實感,訂製上下照壁燈也將入口營造出莊容的迎賓氛圍, 讓每一位住戶都有貴族禮遇的安心歸屬感。 The construction's base was matched with 150W narrow angle projection lights to serve a modest and firm images from it's yellow granite, we customised the upper and lower wall lamps on the entrance to create a grand welcome ambiance which will make a royal and courteous treat on each of our residents to receive a relieved sense of belonging.

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