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請問有人可以幫我中翻英嗎? 急


  舞孃俱樂部(BURLESQUE)裡面的女主角為了自己的夢想,毅然決然的離開自己的家鄉,到大都是闖出自己的一片天,其中遇到很多困難,就算一開始沒辦法做自己最喜歡的工作,可是她並沒有被打倒,而是找出另外一條路,或許多繞了一些路,但她最終還是達成了自己的夢想。  我覺得擁有夢想很重要,可是堅持到底卻是許多人無法做到的,每個人都會說想要變成怎麼樣,但卻沒有去實行,就算實行了,也有許多是半途而廢的,原因只是因為這跟她夢想中的不一樣,收穫多少就要付出多少,很多人懂這個道理,但卻做不到。



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    English Speech of the Semester Final : My Favorite Movie

    In " Club of the Dancing Deva " (BURLESQUE) , the leading actress

    leaving her hometown resolutely to fulfilled her dream. She came to find

    her own piece of heaven in a large city. Although she encountered several

    difficulties, she still hang on to her goal and has never been defeated.

    Instead of being distress ,she found her way to success. Even she had

    many detours during her path, she still manage to accomplished her dream

    at the end.

    I believe having a dream is very important, but only few of us can make it to

    the end. People can say what they plan on to do without turning into action.

    Even if they do,many of them will quit half way through,only because it

    become different with what they have in mind. " How many efforts you pay ,

    how many achievements you'll harvest." Many people understand the principle

    of it, but they just can't put into use on themselves.

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    My favorite movies  Dance mother Club (BURLESQUE) inside of actress to own of dream, firmly of left own of home, to most is into out own of a days, which encountered many difficulties, even a began didn't approach do own most like of work, but she and no was down, but find also a section Road, or many around has some road, but she eventually also is reached has own of dream.

      I think having dreams are important, stick, however, is that many people can't do it, said everyone wanted to be good, but not implemented, even if implemented, there are many falls by the wayside, because just because this is different from her dream, getting a lot have to pay how much, a lot of people understand this truth, but can't do it.

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    End of speech in English: I love movies

    Dancers Club (BURLESQUE) which the heroine for his dream, resolutely leave their home to mostly break their own piece of heaven, which a lot of difficulties, even if she did not do their own favorite way to work , but she has not been overthrown, but to find another road, or some way around many, but she finally reached his dream.

    I think it is important to have a dream, but many people persist in the end it is not done, everyone will say how you want to become like, but it did not go to practice, even if carried out, there are many unfinished, and the reason is because with her dream is not the same, how much will harvest much, a lot of people understand this truth, but can not.

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