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我想請問以下此文案如何翻譯成英文~ 謝謝您


光的限度 , 也就是環境的限度。有別與多變、喧鬧的商業照明,住宅照明應以低調、沉穩的手法呈現『家』的溫馨氛圍,忠實呈現建築設計精神!本案位於台北市金華街 , 環境清幽 , 隱逸沉靜 , 綠意環繞 , 鄰近大安森林公園 ; 一層一戶 , 大器風範 , 為一新東方極簡風格集合住宅。 照明計畫將立面可區分為三個層次:屋突天際線使用了窄角搭配寬角的複金屬投射燈營造出沉穩內斂文人風情, 另外立面水平橫樑設計了LED線性燈並使用間接照明下洗工法演繹建築的規律簡約風格,低調卻優雅。另外車道也提供了機能照明的安全踢角燈。我們給足了建築足夠的光芒, 使其升騰 , 也給了建築上部的光 , 意象使其漂浮 , 生活分開了天地 , 因此與世無爭。 一座建築 , 成就了一棟光的地標 ; 打造出古樸典雅 , 寬宅深庭的意境 , 營照出雋永豪邸的住宅質感。

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    光的限度 , 也就是環境的限度。有別與多變、喧鬧的商業照明,住宅照明應以低調、沉穩的手法呈現『家』的溫馨氛圍,忠實呈現建築設計精神!本案位於台北市金華街 , 環境清幽 , 隱逸沉靜 , 綠意環繞 , 鄰近大安森林公園 ; 一層一戶 , 大器風範 , 為一新東方極簡風格集合住宅。

    The light's limit are also the environment's limit. Is able to discriminate with the changeable and noisy commercial lighting. The residential illumination should follow the low profile and calm techniques to present " family's" warm ambiance,and truly represents it's designing spirit of the architecture! This project was located in Jinhua street, Taipei city. The environment are quiet and beautiful, hidden with leisurely and surrounded by green trees and plants. It's close to the Da-an forest park; each individual floor are made for each household ,becomes a glorious and simplicity style for a new eastern residential complex.

    照明計畫將立面可區分為三個層次:屋突天際線使用了窄角搭配寬角的複金屬投射燈營造出沉穩內斂文人風情, 另外立面水平橫樑設計了LED線性燈並使用間接照明下洗工法演繹建築的規律簡約風格,低調卻優雅。另外車道也提供了機能照明的安全踢角燈....生活分開了天地 , 因此與世無爭。 The illumination plan set up the surface into three different levels: Skyline of the eaves were using the narrow angle match with wide-angle duplicate metal projection lights to create a calm and modest characteristic for it's style. Moreover, the raising surface of the horizontal crossbeam was designed with linear LED lights and use the indirect lighting to down-wash and deduct a brief and regular style of the construction, showing it's grace and elegance. In addition, we also provided a functional illumination for the driveway by using the safety kick angle lamps. We've constructed enough radiance for the building to raise it's level, and we also gave the lighting for the upper portions of this construction ,bringing the image of floating among the surface,separate livings from reality, therefore,creates a peacefulness within the world.

    一座建築 , 成就了一棟光的地標 ; 打造出古樸典雅 , 寬宅深庭的意境 , 營照出雋永豪邸的住宅質感。

    A structure makes the achievement of becoming a landmark of light; creates a image of classical, elegant and magnificent grand building, forming a everlasting quality of residential mansion.

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