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At one time the Danes drove King Alfred from his kingdom, and he had to lie hidden for a long time on a little island in a river. One day, all who were on the island, except the king and queen and one servant, went out to fish. It was a very lonely place, and no one could get to it except by a boat. About noon, a ragged beggar came to the king's door, and asked for food. The king called the servant, and asked, "How much food have we in the house?" "My lord," said the servant, "we have only one loaf and a little wine." Then the king gave thanks to God, and said, "Give half of the loaf and the wine to this poor man." The servant did as he was bidden. The beggar thanked the king for his kindness, and went on his way. In the afternoon the men who had gone out to fish came back. They had three boats full of fish, and they said, "We have caught more fish today than in all the other days that we have been on this island." The king was glad, and he and his people were more hopeful than they had ever been before. When night came, the king lay awake for a long time, and thought about the things that had happened that day. At last he fancied that he saw a great light like the sun; and in the midst of the light there stood an old man with black hair, holding an open book in his hand. It may all have been a dream, and yet to the king it seemed very real indeed. He looked and wondered, but was not afraid. "Who are you?" he asked of the old man. "Alfred, my son, be brave," said the man. " for I am the one to whom you gave this day the half of all the food that you had. Be strong and joyful of heart, and listen to what I say." "Rise up early in the morning and blow your horn three times so loudly that the Danes may hear it. By nine o'clock, five hundred men will be around you, ready to be led into battle. Go forth bravely, and within seven days your enemies shall be beaten, and you shall go back to your kingdom to reign in peace."

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  • 8 年前

    曾經,阿弗雷德王被丹麥人逐出國境,很長一段時間,他被迫躲藏在一條河裡的一個小島上. 有一天,除了國王,皇后,和一個僕人以外所有島上的人都外出捕魚去了.這是個很寂寞的地方,除了搭船以外沒人到得了. 正當中午,一個穿著破爛的乞丐來到國王門前乞求食物.國王呼喚了僕人並問, “我們屋裡的食糧還剩多少?”“陛下,”僕人說, “我們只剩一條麵包和一點點的酒.”國王向上帝道謝,並說, “給這個可憐的人半條麵包和酒.”僕人照著指示做了. 乞丐向國王表達了感謝之意,並離開了. 下午時外出捕魚的人們回來了.他們帶回了三大船的魚,並說 “我們今天抓到了從登陸這個島以來最多的魚量.” 國王很高興,他和他的人民感覺到了前所未有的希望. 夜幕降臨,國王清醒了好一段時間,回想著今天發生的事.最後他幻想到看見一道強光有如太陽; 在那陣強光中他看到了一個黑髮老人,手上拿著一本攤開的書.這可能只是場夢,但國王覺得非常真實.他四處張望,但並不感到害怕. “你是誰?”他問了老人.“阿弗雷德,我的兒子,要勇敢”老人說. “因為我就是那天接受你一半食物的那個人,記得要堅強心中永保喜悅,好好聽我說的話.”“早點起床並大聲吹三聲你的號角讓丹麥人聽見.一到九點五百壯士會聚集到你身邊準備為你而戰.勇往直前,七天之內你的敵人將會落敗,而你也能重返你的國土開創和平統治.”

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