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采葳 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前







歌仔戲是唯一起源於台灣的傳統戲曲,由於是由台語發音,貼近日常生活用語,所以廣受台灣人歡迎。其中較著名的是明華園戲劇團(Ming Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company )。



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  • hannah
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    8 年前

    1歌仔戲是唯一起源於台灣的傳統戲曲,由於是由台語發音,貼近日常生活用語,所以廣受台灣人歡迎。其中較著名的是明華園戲劇團(MingHwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company )。Taiwanese opera is the only traditional opera that is originatedfrom Taiwan. It’s popular with Taiwanesesince its using language is Taiwanese which it’s close to ourdaily life. One of the major theatricalcompany is Ming Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company.2.阿里山是台灣的旅遊勝地之一,早晨可以看到日出,還可以坐小火車遊玩,阿里山的森林鐵路是世界著名的登山鐵路。我有看過阿里山的日出,美麗到讓我幾乎睜不開眼睛!A-Li Mountain is one of the attraction inTaiwan. You can see sunrise in the morning and taking the train. A-Li Mountain’s railway is a worldwidefamous mountain railway. I’veseen the sunrise before and it’s stunning!


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  • 8 年前

    1-Opera is the only originated in Taiwan traditional Chinese Opera, because it is by the Taiwanese pronunciation, closer to the language of daily life, so well received by the Taiwan people. Which is a famous Ming Hua Yuan drama troupe (Ming Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company).

    2-Alishan is Taiwan one of the tourist attractions, you can see the sunrise in the morning, you can also play by small train, of the Alishan Forest Railway is the world famous mountain climbing railway. I have seen the Alishan Sunrise, beautiful, making eyes I could hardly keep my eyes open!

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  • 8 年前


    Taiwanese Opera is the only traditional opera that originates from Taiwan. Due to its adopting local dialect Taiwanese pronunciation, it is much closer to Taiwanese's daily wording. Therefore, it is widely popular in the Taiwanese society. Among these Taiwanese opera performing groups, Min Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company is a much more famous one.


    Alishan (or Mt. Ali) is one of tourist attractions (scenic spots) in Taiwan. In the morning, you can catch the sight of the well-known sunrise. You can also take the sight-seeing train for a forrest tour. Alishan rail (small train of the forrest) is a world famous mountain railroad. I have experienced the sunrise of Alishan. It is so brilliantly beautiful that I cannot open my eyes to see.


    In my translation, I have added some enhancing words to emphasize the point. Hopefully you don't mind my minor alteration of your original Chinese statement.

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