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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

急~~可以幫我的文章翻譯成英文嗎? 謝謝!


寫毛筆字,應該是現今5、6年級生小學時的共同回憶,記憶中,每逢書法課,學校老師會事先要求我們準備好文房四寶-筆墨紙硯,上課時在硯台滴上水後,開始磨墨,磨的黑色不夠黑,寫出來的字就不夠清楚,老師還不讓你寫字,小時後不懂事,總覺得書局有賣現成的墨汁,為何還要辛苦磨墨,因此會趁老師不注意的時候,偷偷滴上現成的墨汁,佯裝成已經準備就緒。老師說磨墨要有耐心、要均勻、要規律、寫字作姿要端正、毛筆要握緊、心情不可以浮躁,就當時的我來說,壓根無法體會、領悟老師對這些要求的目的為何,就這樣練了幾年,寫出來的字不見得多好看,但對於耐性的養成卻有不少幫助。 毛筆字人人會寫,但若以漂亮、好看等形容詞來形容一個人毛筆字寫得好,稍微可惜了。就我看來,毛筆字之美,在於每個人特有的書寫及運筆方式,會在筆畫間呈現出細膩或奔放等不同風格。因此,人人都可以展現不同的書寫特色,也都是一種美。但對我來說,除了寫字之外,我更喜歡在寫毛筆字時那短暫安靜的時刻,讓我有心境沉澱的感覺,可以讓人暫時擺脫惱人的工作。 很久沒有靜下心來寫毛筆字了吧?讓我們一起揮毫吧!



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  • 9 年前

    Calligraphy should be the common memory of people who were born in the fifties or sixties.In my memory,when there is a calligraphy lesson, the school teacher will require us to get the four essential tools -writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper, ready in advance,then the class starts by rubbing down the ink stick after dripping water in the ink stone. If the color is not black enough then the writing won't be explicit, and the teacher won't permit continuance of the writing. Being naive as a child I think bookstore always have the ready-made ink,why bother doing the rubbing down job? So when the teacher has an unguarded moment, I drip the ready-made ink stealthily, pretending I have done and be ready.My teacher says the rubbing down takes patience, uniformity, and regularity. To sit in a correct position and hold the writing bruch with a firm grip while writing and be in a complete peace of mind. At that time, I was unable to realize and comprehend the teacher's purposes for all this at all. Having practised for a few years in this way, a good writing out may not be certain, but there is some virtue in learning to be patient.

    Everybody can do calligraphy but I think it is a bit pity to describe the quality of writing by using adjectives such as beautiful , good-looking. To me, the beauty of calligraphy, lies in everybody's characterized way of writing and wielding the pen, and the different style of exquisite and ebullience it presents. So, everybody can represent different characteristics of writing, it is also a kind of beauty. But for me, besides writing, I prefer enjoying the transient and quiet moment, it allow me to feel a state of mental precipitates, and to get rid of the irritating work temporarily.

    Have not got down to calligraphy for a long time? Let us drive the brush together!

    參考資料: dr.eye and myself
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  • 9 年前

    各種語言的翻譯請洽詢 謝謝

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  • 9 年前

    Wrote brush Word, should is today 5, and 6 years level health primary school Shi of common memories, memory in the, whenever calligraphy class, school teacher will prior requirements we prepared good treasure-writing brushes, class Shi in inkstone drops Sheung Shui Hou, began Surusumi, mill of black enough black, wrote out of Word on enough clearly, teacher also does not let you write, hours Hou does not sensible, total think Bookstore has sold ready-made of ink, why also to hard Surusumi, therefore will take teacher does not note of when, secretly drops Shang ready-made of ink, pretending into has prepared ready. Teachers say Surusumi to be patient, even, to law, writing for the attitude you want to correct, the brush you want to keep, not being at that time, for me, cannot understand what the purpose of these requirements, understanding teacher, so practiced for a few years, written word does not necessarily follow that look good, but for cultivation of patience but there are a lot of help.

    Brush everyone can write, but if a beautiful and nice adjective to describe a person, such as a brush to write well, a little pity. It seems to me that beauty of calligraphy, is unique to each mode of writing and writing movement, will be between strokes, showing the delicate or different styles such as bold. Therefore, everyone can show different writing characteristics, is also a kind of beauty. But for me, in addition to writing, I prefer to write a brush that temporary quiet at all times, so I feel the mood precipitation, you can temporarily get rid of annoying people.

    Haven't settled down to write calligraphy? Let us brush!

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