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英達人~pants shorts trousers的代名詞?

Q:How much do the pants cost?

學校老師敎~A:It costs 500 dollars. 因是指一件就用"it"....這樣對嗎?


是否該用~How much does a pair of pants cost?問時 主詞才是單數呢?



主詞是a pair of pants時,代名詞用"it"


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    First, "pants" means 褲子, if you use "pant", it no longer means 褲子 ,but 氣喘, 氣促 Second, pants are always in plural form, and use plural verb. Therefore

    "How much do the pants cost?" is correct.

    To answer the above question, you should say:

    They cost 500 dollars.

    Now, if you want to use "a pair of pants", then you need to use singular verb as:

    A pair of pants costs 500 dollars.

    The reason is the subject is "pair", not "pant".

    Hopefully, this can clear up your confusion!

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    Yes, you are right !

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    pants shorts trousers褲短褲長褲

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    褲子,剪刀,眼鏡,無論幾條,幾件,幾雙都是用複數 --

    這條褲子花了我五十塊錢:These pants (They) cost me $50.