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白努力 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


pull out my hair 這是慣用語 可以給我例句跟英文翻譯嗎


holding one’s breath

以上都要英文翻譯跟例句 不要用網路字典翻譯 謝謝!!



還有 要例句

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unflod跟hold one’s breath要英文解釋

2 個解答

  • PONY
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    1. pull out one’s hair =to be angry/upset/worried about something (某人對某事感到生氣、心煩意亂的、或擔憂;抓狂的) (一個人都想要把頭髮拔掉了,可想他快抓狂了)

    But the day Marissa is set to leave Hawaii , her purse is stolen. Without any identification, she can't get on her flight home. Marissa is ready to pull out her hair with frustration until she meets the cop assigned to her case. (Marissa要離開夏威夷那天,她的皮包失竊了。沒有證件,她無法搭機返鄉。在等候辦案警察來到之前,她簡直要抓狂了) 2. Unfold =un+fold (將原本摺起來的東西,再打開來)

    a. vt. 展(攤)開某物,例: 地圖、扇子、紙條等

    He unfolded the note and started to read. (攤開紙條)

    b. vt. 將(想法、意圖、事件等)向他人說明或透露

    CNN News is unfolding the whole event now. (說明整個事件)

    c. vi. (故事、事態等)展開

    He saw the whole story unfolding now. (看到整個故事如何展開)

    3. hold one’s breath=屏息;屏住呼吸 (常因緊張或激動引起的)

    When the chief judge was announcing who the winner was, she held her breath and waited.


    Her pulse thundered. She inhaled and held her breath a long moment, then let it all out with a sigh.


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  • nung
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    Pull out my hair 令我發瘋

    Unfolds 事情就發生(展開)了....

    Holding one's breath 捏一把冷汗

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