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依庭 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

各位大大這篇中翻英有沒有問題 可以幫我訂正成正確的嗎謝謝囉


第三則 如果我是ALLEGRA我會答應Alber的追求,ALLEGRA雖然是個上流名媛,但在感情生活上始終不順遂,就在上一段感情結束後,突然發現ALBER,在ALLEGRA的生活中,身邊的人總是順從她,只有ALBER表達出自己的想法去反對ALLEGRA,因此對ALBER產生信任感,與ALBER成為朋友,就在兩人相處過程中,發現ALBER的可愛之處,也對ALBER漸漸有了好感,愛情顧問事件曝光,兩人戀情就此停住,後來HITCH解釋清楚,ALLEGRA對ALBER誤解化開,兩人便又墜入愛河 If I am Allegra ,I could promise Alber. although Allegra is a upper- class celebrity, her life of love is always unpropitious and just when she end of her last relation, she suddenly discover Alber. In Allegra’s life, her friends always follow her, but only Alber will express his opinion to against her. For this reason, Allegre begins to trust Alber and they become a good friend. In their progress of together, She finds ALber is so cute, and gradually well-affected to him. Despite the love adviser is go public, their relation is stop, for Hitch explain clearly, and their misunderstanding is vanished into thin air. Therefore, they love each other in the end.

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    如果我是ALLEGRA我會答應Alber的追求,ALLEGRA雖然是個上流名媛,但在感情生活上始終不順遂,就在上一段感情結束後,突然發現ALBER,在ALLEGRA的生活中,身邊的人總是順從她,只有ALBER表達出自己的想法去反對ALLEGRA,因此對ALBER產生信任感,與ALBER成為朋友,就在兩人相處過程中,發現ALBER的可愛之處,也對ALBER漸漸有了好感,If I were Allegra, I would accept Alber. She mightbe an upper- class socialite but never lucky in love. After ending her lastrelationship, she suddenly took notice of Alber. Allegra always got her way andpeople she met in her life often gave in to her. But Alber was different. He expressed hisviews when he disagreed with Allegra. Soon, both became good friends andAllegra began to trust Alber. As time passed by, Allegra found the likeableside of Alber and gradually, she fell for him. 愛情顧問事件曝光,兩人戀情就此停住,後來HITCH解釋清楚,ALLEGRA對ALBER誤解化開,兩人便又墜入愛河 – don’t quite understand this part?When their romance was exposed, Alber and Allegra immediatelystopped seeing each other. But after Hitch’s explanation, theirmisunderstanding was resolved and they resumed their relationship.

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