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請高手幫忙翻譯 20點(英文翻譯)急

你可以搭乘火車到瑞穗車站 差不多4小時




掃叭石柱被列為花蓮縣第三級古蹟距今已有3000年歷史是台灣最高石柱遺址赤柯山是以金針花海聞名的觀光勝地。光復後,陸續有來自西部的漢人移入開墾,先是種玉米、花生、地瓜等雜糧後來才改種金針。阿美族是台灣最大的原住民族群,而豐年祭是部落最盛大的活動,於每年7、8月舉行。 豐年祭是阿美族慶祝小米豐收、感恩的慶典,同時也是阿美族同歡共舞的嘉年華會,具有傳承傳統精神的意義。 他們會很熱情的邀請你一起跳舞狂歡喝酒。

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    You can take the train to the station about four hours Mizuho

    . Ruisui Mu market was established in 1969, first began to grow crops mainly

    There is no theme park, but you can enjoy

    Sitting on the fence to feed cows eat grass, or a cup of fresh milk

    A pair of columns is listed as the third-class monuments, Hualien County has more than 3,000 years ago, the highest stone ruins in Taiwan

    Red lily flowers Ko Shan is famous tourist attraction.

    After the ROC gradually moved from the Western Han reclamation, first corn, peanuts, sweet potatoes and other grains was later switched to growing lilies.

    Amis is Taiwan's largest indigenous groups, and tribal harvest festival is the biggest event, held in July and August each year.

    Amis Harvest Festival is a celebration of millet harvest, thanksgiving celebration, but also Amis carnival dance with joy, with the traditional spirit of heritage significance. They will be very warm invitation to dance with you binge drink.

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    你可以搭乘火車到瑞穗車站 差不多4小時You could take a train ride to RuiSui station. The journey takes aboutfour hours. 瑞穗牧場成立於1969年,最早開始以種植農作物為主Ruisui farm was established since 1969. In the early days, the farm engagedmainly in crop farming. 這裡沒有主題樂園,但你可以享受坐在圍欄邊餵乳牛吃草,或喝杯新鮮牛奶 Though there is no theme park, you can still enjoy sitting on the fence tofeed the cattle or drink the fresh milk. 掃叭石柱被列為花蓮縣第三級古蹟距今已有3000年歷史是台灣最高石柱遺址掃叭石柱 has been designated as Hualian county third-class historicsite. It has about 3000 years history and the stone pedestal is the highest in Taiwan. 赤柯山是以金針花海聞名的觀光勝地。赤柯山is a known tourist spot to see golden needle. 光復後,陸續有來自西部的漢人移入開墾,先是種玉米、花生、地瓜等雜糧後來才改種金針。After Liberation, the Hans from the west came and developed the place. Theystarted with corn plantation which then followed by peanut, tapioca, grain cropsand eventually golden needle. 阿美族是台灣最大的原住民族群,而豐年祭是部落最盛大的活動,於每年7、8月舉行。 Amei tribe was Taiwan’s largest aboriginalgroup. Harvest festival is their biggest event of the year which usually takesplace in July or August. 豐年祭是阿美族慶祝小米豐收、感恩的慶典,同時也是阿美族同歡共舞的嘉年華會,具有傳承傳統精神的意義。 他們會很熱情的邀請你一起跳舞狂歡喝酒。During the event, apart fromcelebrating for a good millet harvest and thanks-giving, the Amei tribe willalso engage in a singing and dancing carnival. This is a very importanttradition. The people from Amei tribe are generally very warm as theywill invite everyone to join them in their merry-making.

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    You may travel by the train to the Ruisui station similar 4 hours. The Ruisui pasture was established in 1969, started to plant crops here most early not to have the theme park primarily, but you might enjoy sit feed the cow nearby the railing to graze, or drank the cup fresh milk to sweep the stone column to list as the Hualian County third level of historical site is had in 3000 the history is Taiwan highest stone column ruins red Ke Shan is the sightseeing paradise which is well-known by golden needle Huahai. After the recovering, has one after another from the western Han people moves in opens up wasteland, was first kind of miscellaneous grains and so on corn, peanut, sweet potato afterward only then replanted the golden needle. The Algerian-US race is Taiwan biggest indigenous people tribal grouping tribal group, but the good harvest year sacrifice is the tribe grandest activity, holds in every year July and August. The good harvest year sacrifice is the Algerian-US race celebrates the celebration which the millet abundant harvest, feels grateful, simultaneously is also the Algerian-US race wayzgoose altogether dance carnival, has the inheritance tradition spirit significance. They very warm will invite you to dance the revelry to drink together.