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請問Keep the IS in Feminism.怎麼解釋

我在某部電影的佈景海報看到這段話的, 但是我不知道這句話是什麼意思, 不知道有沒有網友知道Keep the IS in Feminism.這句話的來源或意思?感謝.

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    Keep the IS in Feminism. 這個IS我想應該就是 “is", 不是I... S...兩個字的縮寫。因為主題強調標語,而參展的作品也以不同藝術方式表現他們認為的 “Feminism is ....." 是甚麼。所以 Keep the IS in Feminism. 只是個為此活動創造出的特定名稱,沒有其他通用的意義。


    Keep the IS in FEMINISM is a collection of new Feminist slogan's commissioned for the Contemporary Art Gallery's street front vitrines. For this project we invited prominent feminist artists along with emerging artists both female and male to 'reinvent the 'f' word: feminism,' a directive taken from the renowned New York artist and activist collective Guerilla Girls.

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    看起來, 應該是句只能意會無法言傳的標語了.

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    This IS is mind boggling indeed. The last time I heard of the argument about what IS is was Bill Clinton on the Monica case.

    He said - It depends on what IS is...

    Shame on me, it is hard for me to admit that I, as a feminist myself, do not know what IS is.

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    1.) 句型來自於 Keep (put) X in Y.

    Keep the "pepsi" in "dyspepsia"

    Keep the 'He is' in atheism.

    Keep the logic in mythological.

    Keep the "homo" in homophobic!

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    2.) keep the IS in Feminism, (not WAS).

    IS 是強調現在(現今的意義),非過去式

    We would like a new round of slogans to capture a sense of urgency by inflecting the very notion of Feminism back into a contemporary conversation


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    你這題讓我想起來 聖誕節前後 教堂前都會有個牌子上面有ㄧ句話 Keep Christ in Christmas. 你可以 google ㄧ下