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流體 ─ 一個洲際旅行方法的可行性

An old proposal for transcontinental travel along a fixed latitude is the following: Take a balloon high into the stratosphere. Wait until Earth has rotated the desired distance beneath you, then descend. Comment on the feasibility of this mode of transport.


There is a spelling mistake in your answer.

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    That is a very foolish proposal.. .


    Earth atomsphere also roate,,

    so.,your "smart balloon" wil..rotate together...!! .


    (you should consider this-->high altitude air jet stream.)

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    ^^ ...misspelling words....,those.smat guys can find them.,.,of course.^^

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    Yahoo knowledge web ,you already in !. Here, you can ask questions , anytime.^^.

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    Hint:Consider the Earth ratating speed, On Earth surface, the speed is supersonic.If the balloon travel to USA only by wind in one night,,then how fast would be that kind of wind on Earth surface? ...Can we live in that situation......? ^^WE ARE ALL LUCKY GUYS ^^