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因為最近愛上了 英文抒情歌曲

但了解卻不多 找了好多 只找到幾首我比較喜歡的><"

類似 瑪莉亞凱利 Bye bye

丹尼爾 之類的 都好好聽><""

想請問大家 還有哪些比較好聽的英文抒情歌曲嗎?

麻煩一起分享 謝謝您喔><"



謝謝 3位的幫忙

歌曲 我不錯聽


好想都選最佳><"" 感謝!!

3 個解答

  • Miz
    Lv 4
    9 年前

    Avril Lavigne- When you're gone

    Christina Aguilera - Hurt

    Celine Dion - I Surrender

    Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

    Bon Jovi - This ain't a love song

    AeroSmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

    Adam Lambert - Time For Miracles

    Kris Allen - Heartless (翻唱,原唱Kanye West比較電音)

    Avril Lavigne - Wish you were here

    Bruno Mars - Grenade

    Bruno Mars - It will rain

    Sam Tsui - The One That Got Away(翻唱,原唱Katy)

    Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie - Just a dream(翻唱,原唱Nelly)

    Adele - Some one like you

    Sam Tsui - If i die young(翻唱,原唱下面那首)

    The Band Perry - If I Die Young

    Akon - Keep You much Longer

    Bon Jovi - Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore

    P!nk - F**king Perfect

    Avril Lavigne - Everybody Hurts

    Ne-Yo - Mad


    2012-01-15 12:18:41 補充:

    Maroon 5 - She will be loved

    Iyaz - Replay

    Bruno Mars - Just the way you are

    Kelly Clarkson - Mr.Know it all

    Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you

    Rihanna - Love the way you lie part2 (part 1比較偏嘻哈)

    Alicia Keys - Empire state of mind part2 (part 1比較偏嘻哈)

    Taylor Swift - Love Story

    2012-01-15 12:21:24 補充:

    Taylor Swift - Mine

    Taylor Swift - You belong with me

    Taylor Swift - Back to December

    Lady Antebellum - Just a kiss

    Lady Antebellum - Need you now

    Rihanna - What's my name? (帶點嘻哈味道)

    參考資料: 我, 我, 我
  • 回完按預覽他竟然沒跑到我超想殺人

    給你一些好聽的, 我其實不太會選抒情歌, 希望這些你喜歡

    Taylor Swift -

    Safe & Sound

    White Horse

    Teardrops On My Guitar


    Stay Beautiful


    Never Grow Up


    If This Was A Movie

    Forever & Always

    Cold As You


    Back To December

    Sterling Knight -

    What You Mean To Me

    The In Crowd

    Selena Gomez -

    The Way I Loved You

    Live Like There's No Tomorrow

    A Year Without Rain

    Miley Cyrus -



    Butterfly Fly Away

    Been Here All Along

    Mariah Carey -

    Love Takes Time

    I Want To Know What Love Is

    I Still Believe

    I Stay In Love


    Angels Cry

    Kelly Clarkson -

    The Trouble With Love Is



    Because Of You

    Already Gone

    A Moment Like This

    Justin Bieber -

    That Should Be Me



    Born To Be Somebody

    High School Musical -

    Start Of Something New


    When There Was Me And You

    Gotta Go My Own Way

    Avril Lavigne -

    Wish You Were Here

    When You're Gone



    US5 -

    Come Back To Me Baby

    Best Friends

    Simple Plan -


    Save You

    Rihanna -


    Russian Roulette

    California King Bed

    Owl City -

    Vanilla Twilight

    Umbrella Beach


    Leona Lewis -

    I Will Be

    Better In Time

    Ingrid Michaelson -



    Christina Aguilera -

    You Lost Me



    Bruno Mars -

    Talking To The Moon


    Girl In The Window

    Vanessa Hudgens - Say OK

    The Script - Nothing

    P!nk - Fu**ing Perfect

    Nick Lachey - What's Left Of Me

    Lucy Hale - Have You Ever Been

    Little Mix - Cannonball

    Joy Enriquez - How Can I Not Love You

    Joe Jonas - Make It Right

    Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me

    Freddie Stroma - Possibilities

    Eliott Yamin - Wait For You

    Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

    Daughtry - September

    Dan Forgelberg - Leader Of The Band

    Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

    Camp Rock - Gotta Find You

    Camp Rock 2 - It's Not Too Late

    Britney Spears - Everytime

    法文可以接受嗎? 旋律很棒

    Joyce Jonathan -

    Tant pis

    Pas Besoin de toi

    Je ne sais pas

  • 9 年前


    Ciara-Next To You

    Adele - Rolling in the Deep


    Celine Dion-A New Day Has Come

    Sarah Brightman-Only An Ocean Away

    Bruno Mars - (1)It Will Rain

    (2)Count On Me

    (3)Just The Way You Are

    Pussycat Dolls-Hush Hush

    Hilary Duff-Fly

    Katy Perry -Teenage Dream

    Mary J. Blige-Each TearKE$HA-Blind

    Maroon5-She will be loved


    Katy Perry-The One That Got Away

    Britney Spears-Criminal

    Alicia Keys+Beyonce -Put It In A Love Song

    瑪麗亞凱莉-For The Record

    雷歐娜-Bleeding Love

    碧昂絲+夏奇拉-Beautiful Liar

    克莉絲汀Ft. Lil Kim-Can't Hold Us Down

    Nelly+Kelly Rowland-Dilemma

    Nelly+Kelly Rowland-Gone

    Stacie Orrico-More To Life

    Stacie Orrico-Stuck

    Sweetbox-Killing Me

    Sweetbox-Life Is Cool

    Swiss Ft. Music Kidz -One In A Million

    Turn It Up(Paris Hilton)

    Jennifer Lopez-Im Glad

    Jennifer Lopez-Brave


    Kat Deluna -Feel What I Feel

    Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith- Never Say Never

    Katharine McPhee-Over It.

    Brandy+Monica-The boy is mine

    Celine Dion -Eyes On Me

    ☆辛苦從我歌本挑的 >﹏<☆

    MuSic is Life 希望有幫到妳☆