oh my god和oh my gody的差別

這幾天聽到外師在更正小朋友要說 oh my gody ,別說oh my god,但是大多數看到或聽到的都是oh my god




Dear DaSaGwa :

在知識家發問之前有上網查了gody,字典裡的確沒有這個單字,不過若是搜尋 "oh my gody",確實是有人這樣用的! 真令人困惑...haha~

thanks anyway~


Dear chen:

我想應該也正如你說的,怕褻瀆上帝吧!!! thanks~~

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Dear DaSaGwa:

1. nicolee73:i always thought is said oh my Gody, not oh my Golly. Even though Gody doesnt make any sense lol

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2. 看起來像是巴西的使用者上傳的影片名稱: Oh my gody!

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3. madteen: OH MY GODY YES No Strings Attached sucked. js

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  • 9 年前

    Yes, most of the time, people will use "oh my god!" However, some people who don't want to offend religious people, they will use

    oh my goodness! or

    oh my goodness gracious!

    I think it is not "oh my gody", because there is NO such a word "gody". I have never heard about "gody". Hopefully, someone can actually give me an idea what it really means.

    2012-01-16 15:19:43 補充:

    Thank you for pointing out about "oh my gody", is it possible, you show me where you saw "oh my gody". I like to know more about it. Thanks!

    Oh!, there is another way to say "oh my gosh!"

    2012-01-17 14:17:20 補充:

    I did go to all 3 site you have provided, two of them are NOT in English, the last one is by a teenager (I think). Based upon what i saw, what I can tell you is that it is NOT used commonly but just for some people.

    2012-01-17 14:20:56 補充:

    English is used in many different ways. Lots of those unusual uses belong to a certain group. Like black people like to say: I don't do nothing! ... and so on. To me, as long as you can understand them, that is all you need. However, you still need to learn the right way.

    2012-01-17 14:28:55 補充:

    Like LionEnglish said, even those OMG is often used, but you shall not use it as pet phrase (口頭禪). so is "you know". To lots of people, "you know" is very annoying pet phrase.

    參考資料: self
  • 9 年前

    講中文,不論三字經在一般人口中多麼常聽見,一個有教養家庭的父母,一定會嚴禁孩子口出三字經。同樣的,不論 OMG 多常聽見,在美國,有教養的家庭,父母都不會聽任孩子講 OMG 而不制止。 不論是 GOD 或是 GODY 都一樣不行。用 Wow 就能表達驚嘆。

  • 9 年前

    In my experience, my friend ( a foreigner) once mad at because i said 'oh my god', and after that she told me that anything related to god, we should not mentioned.. like..'jesus'..etc.

    It may be desecrate to their gods? that's what i think.

    參考資料: personal experience