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話說人帥穿什麼都帥 哈哈,沒有開完笑的,我真的很喜歡啦,這件有品牌應該讓妳們花了不少的錢吧,謝謝妳們了,幫我跟大表姐也說聲謝謝,祝妳們心想事成,考試順利,新年快樂 有空來台灣玩

3 個解答

  • Miky
    Lv 5
    9 年前

    表姐謝謝妳的衣服,我有收到了,真的很驚喜,尺寸也很適合我,我很喜歡,Dear cousin, well received your gift of clothes for me. I am really surprised for that. The size of clothes is fitting on me, I like it very much.

    話說人帥穿什麼都帥 哈哈,沒有開完笑的,我真的很喜歡啦,這件有品牌應該讓妳們花了不少的錢吧,謝謝妳們了,幫我跟大表姐也說聲謝謝,There quotes a kidding words as whatever wearing for the handsome people is smart looking still. I just made a kidding here. To tell the truth, I really like your gift for me. I suppose that it cost you a lot of money. Thank you again. Please say hello to elder cousin for me.祝妳們心想事成,考試順利,新年快樂 有空來台灣玩Wish you to realize your whole dream, and have better examination result.Finally, I would greet you all Happy New Year, welcome your coming for Taiwan when you are available.

  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 年前

    Hi Cousin, Thanks for the clothes. I was reallysurprised when I received it. It fits well on me and I really like it. There’s a saying that goes, “When you are handsome,you still look good no matter what you put on.” Hahaha…just kidding. I just love it! I’m sure this branded stuffmust have cost you a bit. Thanks to all of you. Please extend my appreciationto Big Cousin as well. I hereby wishing all of you, the best of luckin your studies, may all your dreams come true and a Happy Chinese New Year. If time permits, please visit Taiwan. I will lookforward to your visit.

  • 9 年前

    Cousin thank you clothes, I have got, really surprises, size is also very suitable for me, I like very much,Saying anything people handsome wear cute haha, did not smile after the meeting, I really like you, this brand should let you spent a lot of money with it, thank you, help me with a big cousin to say thank you and wish you all work out, exam, free happy new year to Taiwan to play