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小鬆快 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前







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  • 9 年前

    First, let me talk about "election" first:

    "election" means selection (choose) by vote. Therefore, it means: going through a voting process to choose someone or something. Therefore, "election" describe a voting process.

    Now, "poll" can mean "survey", "vote", "questionnaire". Let us leave "survey" and questionnaire" alone, but just focus on when "poll" means "vote". As you can see, it is just an action. That is to say, "poll" is just to describe the action to do the voting, no process is involved.

    2012-01-20 11:25:18 補充:

    in US, when there is a election, local government will remind people where their polling place. They will not use "election" place. The reason is simple, it is only a place to VOTE, not a place to ELECT.

    2012-01-20 11:26:59 補充:

    Right now, US is going through so-called "primary" (especially for Republican), they call this "election process", not "polling process".

    2012-01-20 11:28:16 補充:

    typo: a election --> an election.

    where their polling place --> where their polling places are.

    2012-01-20 11:30:35 補充:

    I agree with master 26535 that "poll" does have the meaning of "survey". However, here, I am only to compare when "election" and "poll" both mean "vote".

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    9 年前

    poll民意測驗; 民意測驗記錄[C]

    n. 名詞民意測驗; 民意測驗記錄[C]We are going to conduct a public opinion poll. 我們將進行民意測驗。投票, 選舉[U][C]Women were excluded from the poll. 婦女被排斥, 不讓參加選舉。投票數; 投票結果[U][S1]He was returned at the head of the poll. 他以得票最多而當選。投票所[the P]Few blacks went to the polls. 幾乎沒有黑人去投票選舉。選舉人名冊[C]Your name is on the poll. 你的名字在選民冊上。頭; 頭頂和後腦部[C]He scratched his grizzled poll. 他抓了抓他那頭髮花白的腦袋。(一群人中的)一名; 人頭稅[C] vt. 及物動詞對...進行民意測驗A majority of those polled were worried about inflation. 接受民意測驗中的大多數人擔心通貨膨脹。(候選人等)獲得(若干票數)He polled 54 percent of the votes. 他獲得百分之五十四的選票。使(地區, 群體等)投票[H]We polled the members about the change in rules. 我們就規則的變化請全體成員投票。【主美】要求(陪審團等)每一成員明確表態截短(牛角); 剪去(樹梢等) vi. 不及物動詞投票[(+for)]

    election選舉; 當選[U][C]

    n. 名詞選舉; 當選[U][C]Her election to the board of directors caused great surprise. 她被選進董事會, 令人大為吃驚。

  • 9 年前

    my opinion:

    poll is used to understand opinions of the people.

    election is used to determine political personnel structure.

    so, for referendums, the term poll, instead of election, is used even though we "vote" in the same way.