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How big is the black hole

How big is the black hole ? What size is the biggest black hole ??

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    Black hole classifications

    class mass size

    Supermassive black hole~105–109 MSun~0.001–10 AUIntermediate-mass black hole~103 MSun~103 km = REarthStellar black hole~10 MSun~30 kmMicro black holeup to ~MMoonup to ~0.1 mm

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    Oh, by the way, I just saw one in my backyard.

    2012-01-22 14:30:50 補充:

    Well, it is a black hole for those bunnies went in but never came out.

    2012-01-22 22:10:53 補充:

    An example and recent find of super-duper massive BH - at a mass of 2.1 * 10^10 and size of 10 time of the solar system, not the Sun.


    Unfortunately, we are not close enough.

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