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How to translate "七葷八素"?

Recently I saw a piece of news about investing stocks in China:


It brings me the curiosity how to translate "七葷八素". I checked its Chinese meaning and got:

七葷八素: 引申為把事情弄得一塌糊塗,不可收拾,或者讓人頭昏腦脹 ,搞不清楚是怎麼回事.

My Question is:

How to properly translate "七葷八素" into English?

English able masters! please shade some light on this Chinese phrase! Thanks a million!


Day! Thank you for pointing out my typo!

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Pallbearer! Thank you for answering the question. Your saying about "中文的『對仗』" is what I was hoping for in translation. Be honest with you, those 4 words you used, 3 of them are not yet in my dictionary.

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Master James and Dave, I also thank you for giving me your idea of translation. Again, there were a couple of the vocabularies I didn't know of.

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as far as 阿昌大師, as master James said, you have been faithful with your translation, it was a good entertainment. You know, I was going to translate as

7 ups and 8 downs !

so you and I have at least 50% in similarity !

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  • 9 年前

    七葷八素 這個成語有語文特性,中文的『對仗』



    1. helter-skelter

    2. pell-mell

  • Felix
    Lv 5
    8 年前

    head over heals?

  • 9 年前

    I think "discomfiture" might be a good choice too.

    "to his discomfiture"....

    參考資料: my 2 cents
  • 9 年前

    我會考慮翻成 Totally baffled 或是 Utterly Perplexed 甚至 Totally Confused

    ~~~~~~ all are derived from personal experience...

    2012-01-25 11:58:19 補充:

    The first one was supposed to be "completely baffled".

    2012-01-27 02:07:31 補充:


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  • 阿昌
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    9 年前

    七葷八素Seven dirty eight elements