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life without i.t.

help!我要作about life without i.t. 提示.謝謝!

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    Necessity is the mother of invention.............few decades back we couldn't imagine what we can do today.......ofcourse internet and computer will be replaced by something more need not be worried.even if it happens that we can neither use the internet nor the computer, we will survive.this type of speculations flood people's mind everyday,before the wide spread acceptance of the computer, this was a major fear amongst the will ofcourse be a bit of uneasiness.hardship for few days.or for few months.or even years to go.but eventually, we will come out with some innovative idea to forget about the PCs and the we almost forgot about transistor radios.

    Life without internet and computer wouldn't be a life within. if

    computer or internet wouldn't have been there then u wouldn't have asked this question and or would i be answering it. world would have stopped communicating as they did before, so many people would have lost teir jobs. imagining life without computer or internet is not impossible but counting it's effects on us from 1 day 2 day life r may say that a long time ago if there was no computer. or internet. so there would be no change at all. but however today people who at once find gold to build their house out of it and no precautions such as robber's steelin' something. without computer it couldn't get any worse.

    If we have life without computer, I would watch more movies because it takes me away from reality...I would of got more homework done in the last year...but then I would of had to write out most of it instead of typing it also meet less people without it...and i don't know how it is for others but i would argue less with my bf if we didnt have computers...but overall a little more boring..

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