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中文翻英文~ 急!! 20點必送

各位大大您好! 請幫忙翻譯~急喔!! 20點必送!!! 翻譯的程度大約在國三~高一程度間! 勿翻譯得太高明喔!!! 例如用字、文法盡量在這個程度內! 謝謝各位大大!!


主角 - Jean Valjean 因為偷麵包而被關進了監獄,從監獄釋放後,又因為偷竊而遭通緝,但後來遇見了一位神父,而改變了他的一生。於是,他改名換姓,住進了另外一個城市中,並且獲得當地人的青睞而當上了市長,但好景不常,他被認出他是位前科犯而導致他開始過著逃亡的悲慘生活,在逃亡過程中,他從別人手中贖回了一位女孩 - Cosette,他與這位女孩彼此信任,而這對他們倆便一直過著逃亡的生活,過程中曾住進以前被主角救過的老人家中、或是住進一棟公寓裡,而Cosette也愛上了一位男人 - Marius,在這過程中,都非常的辛苦。最後,主角也曾參與當時的戰爭,在事後,主角將面對死亡,最後便在Cosette和Marius的陪伴中離開,結束了他一生幾乎都在逃亡的悲慘生活。


主角 - Jean Valjean為了養活家中飢餓的家人而去偷了麵包,但最後卻被關進牢裡19年,這可以看出當時社會上司法的黑暗與混亂,因為基於這種理由是情有可原的,但這種刑罰卻重了些。後來主角遇見了神父,神父給了主角一切的東西,從神父的施捨中可以看出基督教世界的美好,但在後來作者描述整個社會的黑暗與混亂面,不難想出會取名為"悲慘世界"的原因;但在整個悲慘世界的背後,主角與他從別人手中贖回的女孩 - Cosette彼此之間的愛,為整個悲慘的世界中綻放出了一朵溫馨的花;最終,主角還是在Cosette和Marius陪伴中離去,為整個悲慘世界畫下了句點。

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    大意翻譯如下 :

    Lead - Jean Valjean because of stole the bread to shut in the jail, after jail release, also suffered because of the larceny issues a warrant for arrest, but afterward met a father, but changed his life. Therefore, he changed one's name, has been admitted to other city, and obtained native's favor to work as mayor, but the prosperity not often, he is recognized he is the position criminal record violates causes he to start the pitiful life which became a fugitive, in became a fugitive in the process, he has redeemed girl - Cosette from others hand, he with this girl each other trust, but this has then been spending the life which to them became a fugitive, in the process once was admitted to before has been rescued in the old person by the lead, perhaps is admitted to an apartment, but Cosette has also fallen in love with man - Marius, in this process, unusual labor. Finally, the lead also once participated in war then, in afterward, the lead will face the death, finally then in Cosette and Marius accompany leave, has finished his life nearly the pitiful life which becomes a fugitive.

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    心得翻譯如下 :

    Lead - Jean Valjean to support in the family the hungry family member, but has stolen the bread, but is actually shut finally in the jail 19 years, this might see at that time in the society judicature's darkness and chaotic,

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    because based on this reason was the excusable or pardonable under the circumstances, but this kind of penalty actually heavy. Afterward the lead met father, father has given the lead all things, might see the Christianity world from father's bestowment happiness,

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    but described the entire society's darkness and the chaotic surface in afterward the author, will not be difficult to find out will name will be " Les Miserables

    2012-01-29 20:09:54 補充:

    " Reason; But in entire Les Miserables's behind, the lead with him between the girl - Cosette each other's love which redeems from others hand, bloomed a warm flower for the entire pitiful world in;

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    The effect

    Protagonist - Jean Valjean stealing bread thrown into prison, after release from prison, and who were wanted for theft, but later met a priest, but changed his life. So he changed his name, was admitted to another city, and get local people of all ages and became a mayor, but the good times never last, he was recognized he was a ex-prisoners and led him to start living a miserable exile life, in the process of fleeing, he redeemed from the hands of others of a girl - Cosette, his trust with the girl, and this has been both of them fled to live the life, the process has been admitted to the protagonist previously saved than in the elderly, or live in an apartment, and Cosette has fallen in love with a man - Marius, in the process, are very hard. Finally, the main character was also involved in the war, after the fact, the protagonist will face death, they will eventually be in the company of Cosette and Marius in the left, ending almost all his life miserable life in exile.


    Protagonist - Jean Valjean in order to feed hungry families and homes to steal the bread, but in the end was put into prison for 19 years, which can be seen at the community justice darkness and confusion, because those reasons are excusable , but this punishment is a bit heavy. Later, the protagonist meets a priest, the priest gave the protagonist of all things, from the priest's charity in the Christian world can be seen better, but later authors describe the darkness and confusion the whole surface of society, is not difficult to come up with will be known as "tragic world "reasons; but in the whole world behind the tragic, the protagonist and his redemption from the hands of others girls - Cosette's love each other, tragic for the entire world out of a warm and blooming flowers; the end, the protagonist, or accompanied by Cosette and Marius in the left, for the whole world to paint the tragic period.

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