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灰灰 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


MethodsAimsThis study examined clinical setting learning processes to better understand the practical knowledge content of ER nurses and suggest an effective approach to facilitate and accelerate the learning process.DesignPhenomenological research is qualitative research that permits examination of the meaning, exploration, description, and understanding of the human experience.The authors used a phenomenological approach and indepth interviews to effectively assess the subjective learning experiences and processes of ER nurses. The study used Moustakas’ (1994) phenomenological research procedure in preparing for interviews, collecting and analyzing data, and presenting findings and conclusions. ParticipantsResearchers recruited a purposive sample of participants in accordance with Taiwan Association of Critical Care Nurses guidelines. Nurses with at least 3 years of ER experience were considered specialists. Sampling was, thus, limited to nurses with 3 years or more of medical center or regional hospital ER experience. All participants were recommended for this research by their colleagues or the research supervisor.Ethical ConsiderationsResearchers obtained an institutional review board approval from nurse trainers or directors at target hospitals, and each participant gave informed consent prior to the study. The following measures were taken to ensure participant and data confidentiality: (a) Confidentiality: Interviews were conducted in person. Participants were assured their statements were strictly confidential. Participants were identified by a codename only in interview transcripts to preserve confidentiality. (b) Protection: Statements containing personal or sensitive information were eliminated. (c) Respect: Participants were informed they had the right to withdraw from the study or request termination of the interview recording at anytime without repercussion.

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    現象學的研究是允許的意義、 探索、 說明和人類體驗的理解考試的定性研究。作者用現象學的方法和深入訪談有效評估的主觀的學習經歷和急診室護士的過程。研究使用 Moustakas 的 (1994 年) 的現象學研究過程中準備面試、 收集和分析資料和演示結果和結論。


    研究人員招募參加者按照關鍵護理護士臺灣協會指引的目的樣本。至少 3 年的 ER 經驗的護士被認為是專家。因此,採樣是限於護士 3 年或以上的醫療中心或區域醫院急診室的經驗。所有與會者都推薦他們的同事或研究主管這項研究。


    研究人員從護士培訓人員或董事在目標醫院獲得機構複查委員會的批准,每個參與者給知情同意之前,研究。以確保參與者和資料的機密性,採取下列措施: (a) 保密: 親自進行了採訪。與會者得到保證,他們的發言被嚴格保密。與會者確定了只有在保密的訪談記錄的代號。(b) 保護: 語句包含個人資訊或敏感資訊被淘汰。(c) 尊重: 與會者獲悉他們有權退出面試而引起的反響不隨時記錄在研究或請求終止。

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