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由於我要回信給在外國的朋友,但是我的英文實在不是很好,還請各位多幫我!!(請勿用翻譯機)1.謝謝你的回覆,我相信在英文方面,我一定能夠繼續的保持!2.我剛考完學測(College Entrance Examination) 英文科方面,我的文法及翻譯、寫作都表現非常的不好,讓我覺得自己的努力不夠多。3.希望藉由您,讓我知道英文是可以快樂學習!4.在我的國家裡,學習英文是非常的重要並列為考試,所以我更要努力的學習!5.非常歡迎您來到臺灣來,它位在於亞洲.6.在我的國家裡,最著名的就是台北101,是經濟發展及觀光的重要指標.7.未來,在英文方面,我若有不懂的地方,還請您多多指教.8.能夠結交到遠在美國的您,我感到非常的榮幸.9.相信結交朋友是無遠弗屆(There is no place to reach)10.我一定會更加努力的學習英文.

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    1.謝謝你的回覆,我相信在英文方面,我一定能夠繼續的保持!Thank you for your reply. I believe I am able tomaintain the level of my English. 2.我剛考完學測(CollegeEntrance Examination) 英文科方面,我的文法及翻譯、寫作都表現非常的不好,讓我覺得自己的努力不夠多。I had just completed my College Entrance Examination.However, my grammar, translation and composition were not satisfactory. Maybe, I had not put in my best effort. 3.希望藉由您,讓我知道英文是可以快樂學習!I wish I could gather from you on how to learn English in a more interesting way. 4.在我的國家裡,學習英文是非常的重要並列為考試,所以我更要努力的學習!In our country, learning English is important and it’san examinable subject. Therefore, I need to put in extra effort. 5.非常歡迎您來到臺灣來,它位在於亞洲.You are always welcome to Taiwan, it’s in Asia. 6.在我的國家裡,最著名的就是台北101,是經濟發展及觀光的重要指標.In my country, the most famous skyscaper is Taipei 101.It’s an important landmark symbolises economic and tourism development. 7.未來,在英文方面,我若有不懂的地方,還請您多多指教.In the future, could I approach you in regards toEnglish? 8.能夠結交到遠在美國的您,我感到非常的榮幸.It’s an honour to get acquainted with someone from theUnited States. 9.相信結交朋友是無遠弗屆(There is noplace to reach)I believe making friends has no boundaries. 10.我一定會更加努力的學習英文.I will put in more effort to learn English.

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    1.謝謝你的回覆,我相信在英文方面,我一定能夠繼續的保持! (Thanks your reply. I assured that my english learning might be going on and keeping.=2.我剛考完學測(College Entrance Examination) 英文科方面,我的文法及翻譯、寫作都表現非常的不好,讓我覺得自己的努力不夠多。 ) I just finished the " College Entrance Examination", As to the English course., My records of grammer , translate and writing are so bad. It's seemed that I don't pay much more efforts in here. ) 3.希望藉由您,讓我知道英文是可以快樂學習! ( Let I learn english is happy which is you. ) 4.在我的國家裡,學習英文是非常的重要並列為考試,所以我更要努力的學習! ( It's very importantd studying and learning in my country and it must to be one class in our examination. So I must make a big efforts for it. ) 5.非常歡迎您來到臺灣來,它位在於亞洲. ( Welcome your inviting to Taiwan. She is in Asia Area.) 6.在我的國家裡,最著名的就是台北101,是經濟發展及觀光的重要指標. ( The "101" Hall is the famous huge building in my country., it's also the tip points for the economics and view-sightings. ) 7.未來,在英文方面,我若有不懂的地方,還請您多多指教. ( Would you please teach me ? If I have any question for the the english .)8.能夠結交到遠在美國的您,我感到非常的榮幸. ( It's my honour to make the friend likly you in the American.) 9.相信結交朋友是無遠弗屆(There is no place to reach), ( It's believed that our friendship is no far away and forever. ) 10.我一定會更加努力的學習英文. ( I should be make the biggest efforts for the english studying )

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