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出貨費用 英文書信

想要用較婉轉的英文句型告知客人. 客人來信告知可否不收出貨手續費, 但由於他的訂單金額都不大. 想告知他, 因為每一次出貨的成本都很高, 一般如果訂單低於US$5,000, 我們會收取US$150手續費. 因為你是我們貴重的客人, 我們只酌收你US$65.我們期盼你之後的訂單能增加到US$5,00

字面大概是這意思, 請問有那位大大能告知我怎用英文寫較綩轉嗎?

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    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your kind note.

    Due to the high shipment cost, it is our company's policy to charge an additional of US$150 as an admin fee for any orders value at US$5000 and below.

    As you have been our valuable customer, therefore as a goodwill, we have charged you at a lower fee of US$65 instead.

    We look forward to your increased order and continual support in the future.

    Thank you.

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    可不可以不要收取出貨手續費, 由於你的訂單金額都不大,所以每一次出貨的成本都很高, 一般如果訂單低於US$5,000, 我們會收取US$150手續費. 因為你是我們貴重的客人, 我們只酌收你US$65.


    How do you do:Can not charge a shipping fee, due to the amount of your order are not large, so every shipment costs are very high, if the order is less than US$5,000, US$150 fees will be charged. Because you are our valuable customers, we only charge you US$65 the discretion.We hope that after your order increases to US$5,00

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    For orders below $ 5,000, there's a standard delivery charge of $ 150. (先表明立場這是本公司的規定)

    As you're a valuable customer, we discount the standard charge out of courtesy. (基於重視重要的客人, 我們好心只酌收些許費用 )

    We will gladly waive the delivery charge once any single order exceeds $ 5,000. (鼓勵客戶把訂單提高超過五千,我們就會樂意自行吸收費用)

    參考資料: 我也常常想省運費,老美大概都這麼婉拒我 >_< ...
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    想要用較婉轉的英文? You need to loose it in business correspondence.

    What you need is being polite and firm.

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    Due to the very high delivery costs (or shipping costs) for eachshipment. If an order valueis less than US$ 5000, we generally will request a handling charge of US$ 150. Consideringyou are our valued customer, we just will charge you for US$65. We hope yourorder value can be reached (or came) to US$5000 in the future.

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    最後一行要: your +空格+ order (不小心打在一起了)

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    each shipment 也不小心打在一起了

    參考資料: me從事國貿+外文系畢業
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    As the high delivery cost, we always charge US$150 additionally if the order amuont is lower than US$5000. We will charge you US$65 only, as you are our valuable customer. We sincerely hope that you can increase your order amount more than US$5000 in the future.

    參考資料: myself
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    Cost of delivery is high, we usually charge USD 150 for handling on case order amount below USD5000 orders. In respect of that you are our valuable customer, we only charge USD 65.

    We hope that you could increase your order amount to USD 5000 in the future.

    (你不到五千收他65, 他加到五千你要收他多少? 不收??)