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請問一題和fined for有關的題目



Library users will be fined for returning books after the _____ date.

(A)client 

(B)due 

(C)fare 

(D)loan這一題的be fined for是被動式嗎




2 個解答

  • 8 年前

    Library users will be fined for returning books after the _due_ date.


    will be fined = 會被罰款

    2012-02-05 03:23:41 補充:

    Melon dude,

    The word "fine" does imply both good in quality and penal. THink about this:

    fine -> high quality with attention to details -> small in size and slender

    So, when used in verb forms:

    fine -> make smaller (as in refine) -> make better -> make less $

    2012-02-05 03:25:07 補充:

    to make melon with no money (that evil things indeed) we need to tax (fine) him left and right.

    2012-02-05 03:31:27 補充:

    w.r.t. "an easy way to learn English" - do you mean there is a hard way to learn it? My cell mate, a very cute blond (also an idiot w IQ 50, on my book) - if she can do english, everyone can.

    On the contrary, I want to find a hard way to con some $ out of the English suckers in CN (or TW).

    2012-02-05 05:42:00 補充:

    So, that is why only the "institutions" with "authorities" are able to "fine" someone who makes a "mistake" to make him "a better person" by "force him to donate" (or part) $ (what a evil thing, indeed!).

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  • 8 年前

    It is weird that "fine" can be for both "penalize" and "nice"! No wonder, English is so difficult !

    2012-02-05 01:01:00 補充:

    Master 26535, while you are sitting behind bar, can you figure out a way to learn English easier ?

    2012-02-05 05:04:21 補充:

    Master 26535! I appreciate your explanation about fine used as "verb" and "adjective". Are you sure you don't want to write a book for it ?

    2012-02-05 05:08:35 補充:

    As far as "an easy way to learn English" is concerned, I just ask on behalf of those people who think learning English is hard. After all, I have just learned a new thing from you about "fine".

    2012-02-05 05:09:39 補充:

    it might be difficult to come up with that kind explanation (because it takes time to understand it that way), but to learn it, piece of cake!

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