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Are there aspects of our lives today that you think our childern will look on and see as backwards , or even barbaric ?

主要不懂是在 that 之後

我是認為 you think 是插入句, our childern will look on and see as backwards 這整句是 aspects 的同位語。不知這樣的分析是對的嗎?


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    Are there aspects of our lives today that you think our children will look on and see as backwards, or even barbaric?

    "are there" is a phrase and means "exist". The main subject follows the verb when "there is" or "there are" is used. Therefore, the main subject of this sentence is "aspects".

    "of our lives" is just preposition phrase and uses to describe "aspects".

    "you think", like you said, is an insertion sentence. If you remove it, it will not change the core meaning of the sentence.

    "that our children will look on and see as backwards, or even barbaric" is an adjective clause that is used to describe "aspects".

    "look on" means "watch something like a crime without helping; 袖手旁觀".

    "see as backwards, or barbaric"

    This sentence can be rewritten as "see them as being backwards or barbaric". Since, here "them" is "aspects", to avoid being redundant (because the sentence itself is clear what they "see"), so it got omitted.

    "being" also got omitted because of "see as". Even though it is weird to have an adjective follows after "as". However, it is understandable that "being" has been omitted.

    In a word, even though to read this sentence "see as backwards, or barbaric" is kind of weird, because of the omission and causes some sort grammatical problems, however, it is still fully understandable without any doubt about what is "backwards" or "barbaric".

    "backwards" = "backward" is used as an adjective, it means "反向的, 返回的".

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    more in opinion

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    Due to the grammatical problem in this question, it is the reason why many English able masters in YK+ don't encourage a beginner to study grammar as the first priority.

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    It can give a beginner a big headache, because this sentence doesn't seem to follow the grammatical rule very well. However, it is common for people to write it this way in articles or even books.

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    As I mentioned, the reason is to make the sentence brief without lots of redundant words. After all, even though with those omissions, the sentence itself is still very clear without any fuss(爭論) or confusion.

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    Yes, if students who are learning English can have the kind of attitude like you have described, they shall be very good with English after they graduate from college.

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    However, exam oriented studying (or learning) have prevented them from getting that result. However, I think we shall not blame it ALL on exam, after all, the attitude of students also plays a very important role for the result.

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    Hopefully, one day they will click like me (against learning English as a student).

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    Master 26535! That is OK, if they don't like what I say, all I can do is to apologize. One day, they will come to the same conclusion when their English is proficient enough.

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    Of course, there will be. For example, nowadays, we view polygamy and slavery not only illegal but also immoral but almost every culture practiced them (even now).

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    Some candidates - Rhino horn usage, carbon emission, abortion, alcohol consumption, texting, sexting, gambling, even religions...

    Where is Mater Priest? I need some consoling here. Maybe he is too busy comforting patriots.

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    Melon dude, don't you get me into more troubles.

    I did not say "I don't encourage a beginner to study grammar"

    I said - none, yes, none, except for linguists (and those who are interested),

    should STUDY grammar.

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    Most who posted grammar Q's here just want to pass exams, not really interested in using English as a tool in communication or literature appreciation.

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    Also, STUDYing is very diff from LEARNing grammars.

    Learning is to explain away what you don't understand while studying is to look for what you don't know.

    Also, we need to stop memorizing "single word" as well.