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    《Artist》: LL Cool J《Song Title》: Move Somethin'《From The Album》: THE DEFinition《Original Release Date》: August 31, 2004 《Lyrics》: [LL Cool J]


    N.O. Joe, hit me baby!Push it out girl, arch your back

    Them 17's is fittin like bubblewrap

    Uhh, plus they low on your hips

    You there, let me grab

    That thing you do keep me brick

    50 told you bout the "Magic Stick"

    C'mon, lean on me

    I'm in love with this scenery

    Poke it out

    'Pon de river, 'pon de bank baby stroke it out

    Sweat for your man

    Both hands on your hips for your man

    Me and the boys is your biggest fans

    Every time we see you we be like DAAAAAAAMN!

    Work it girl

    Move somethin, hurt me girl - oh![Chorus - repeat 2X]

    C'mon, c'mon, move somethin

    C'mon, c'mon, move somethin

    C'mon, c'mon, move somethin

    C'mon, c'mon, prove somethin[LL Cool J]

    Such a pimply aura

    Way way hotter than I was before-a

    She wanna sit courtside next to a baller

    Where the paper's longer and cats are taller

    Woo! I'm off on my own

    Do the math mami, L's on the throne

    Now take it to the floor

    Do a split if you really hardcore

    Man listen here

    I'm hot today, ain't concerned with last year

    I see your lil' shorty ride shotgun

    But I done left stoplights with a hot one

    Made her hop out, and move somethin

    Jump in my joint, and prove somethin

    He-he, I laugh at y'all

    Don't worry about the check, already cashed it y'all[Chorus][LL Cool J]

    Uhh, pull it to the side

    Shake it for daddy, it's time to ride

    Make it sweat 'til it slide

    Do your thing like it's justified

    Tease me a little

    It's my turn to take it to the middle

    Let me palm that thing

    You got the bomb, I disarm that thing

    Turn it around girl, I want that thing

    You had to know the way you flaunt that thing

    Your body's jumpin

    Ain't no frontin when you provin somethin

    Made eye contact with me

    Now bring that thing back to me

    You do your thing so naturally

    I think I'm in love, actually[Chorus - 2X][LL Cool J]


    N.O. Joe, hit me baby!

    Hot one boy, "Definition"

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    LL Cool J - Move Somethin



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