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請幫我翻譯以下內容 >QQ< 感恩感恩感恩!!!!



需要翻譯的內容如下 :



因為一群人 它被啟動了-----------------------------------起初,我們只是想嘗試站在舞台上的感覺卻因為掌聲和大家的支持

把那一時的衝動換來永恆的感動----------------------------------這就是我們實現夢的開始...成軍後的第一堂課 , 我們的老師呢?來了 ! 她是 ANNY , 築夢者話不多說 上課了...........一個口令一個動作一步步的踏上舞蹈的旅程不管我們多累多辛苦唯有堅持和彼此的扶持才能讓我們繼續勇敢的達成目標---------------------------------------肯定 . 支持 . 掌聲 正式的燃燒我們的夢在上大舞台之前 學校多次邀請我們上台演出增加了我們的經驗和求新與求完美的精神------------------------------------------回到最初 我們只是一群普通的學生為了共同的目標不管犧牲多少時間付出多少體力我們依舊面帶笑容持著樂觀的精神面對每一次彩排與練習都當作是最後一次現在 ....................不論過程多麼艱辛這一群只會橫衝直撞的人已經準備好迎接屬於他們的夢


aNgela : 全是你自己翻譯的嗎?

超級無敵利害的!!!!!!!!解救了我 !!!^QQ^



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  • 9 年前

    這原本只是個夢This was only just a dream

    因為一群人 它被啟動了起初,我們只是想嘗試站在舞台上的感覺But because of this group of people, this dream has been motivated.卻因為掌聲和大家的支持

    At first, all we wanted was no futher then wanted to know the feeling of being on stage, but because of the applauses and everyone's support,

    把那一時的衝動換來永恆的感動it turned the impluse into a unforgettable journey (我把他翻成銘心的旅程 0v0)


    And this is where our dream begins..

    成軍後的第一堂課 , 我們的老師呢?

    This is our first lesson after our teaming, where is our teacher?

    來了 ! 她是 ANNY , 築夢者

    There she is ! Anny, the dream-builder.

    話不多說 上課了...........

    So lets get it started ...


    Do as I say!


    We're on our way to the journey of dancing,


    No matter how hard and tired it is,


    Only perservance and mutual support can lead us to our final goal.

    肯定 . 支持 . 掌聲 正式的燃燒我們的夢

    The confirmation.Support.and Applause is raging into our dreams

    在上大舞台之前 學校多次邀請我們上台演出

    Before getting on the big stage, we're invited from our school to perform on our stage.


    Increaing our experiences and the will making it to perfection.

    回到最初 我們只是一群普通的學生

    Back to the beginning, we're just a group of normal students,


    sacrificing our time and strength to fight for our same goal,


    we're still holding on to it with a smile on our face

    ,and an optimistic attitude


    taking every practice as our last,

    現在 ....................不論過程多麼艱辛Now, no matter how hard the process is,

    這一群只會橫衝直撞的人已經準備好迎接屬於他們的夢this group of flatout students

    are ready to achieve their dreams

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    摁對呀 :))


    謝謝你 :)

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  • 9 年前


    It was just a dream

    Because it is a group of people started


    At first, we just want to try to stand up on the stage

    But because the applause and support of

    Impulse that

    Return of eternity


    This is what we achieve birth of ...

    Cheng Jun after the first class, our teacher?

    Is here! She is ANNY, dream

    I say class...........

    A password is a

    Step by step on the dance journey

    No matter how tired we hard

    Only by adhering to and support each other

    Can we continue to brave target


    For sure. Supports. Applause burn our dreams

    Schools invited many times before we came to the big stage performances

    Added to our experience and spirit of innovation and work perfect


    Back to the original, we are just a group of ordinary students

    For the common goal no matter how much sacrifice of time how much physical strength

    We are still smiling holding an optimistic spirit

    Each rehearsal and practice is deemed to be the last time


    No matter how tough

    This group of persons only rampage

    Ready to meet their dreams

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