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Half of his creations lie ..??

Few of Ramhotep’s works have endured unscathed through the ages.

Half of his creations lie forgotten beneath the sands, and those that have remained have been battered by centuries of was and eroded by time and sandstorms.

Upon awakening from his death sleep, Ramhotep was horrified, and he set about excavating and restoring his marvels at once.

Ramhotep’s skill in undeath is as great as it was in life, and the status that receive his attentions are restored to their former majesty, striding into battle as if they were carved only yesterday.

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    Ramhotep 的作品能逃過歲月摧殘者不多。有半數的創作,被遺忘在沙堆中,其餘的也已被長年的戰爭、時間與沙漠風暴所破壞侵蝕。在Ramhotep從死亡睡眠中甦醒之後,他驚慌了,便馬上著手開鑿同時重新保存他的寶藏。他的手藝與活著時絲毫不減,吸引他注意的是那重現往日威風凜凜,跨入征戰的石像,宛如昨日才刻好的一樣。


    參考資料: Geoffery 的翻譯
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