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The application process for loans from lnhouse Financing is easier than _____ eliminating most of the typical paperwork.

(A) once

(B) never

(C) not

(D) ever


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    The key point for choosing the right answer is "is easier than". It is an comparison sentence structure. When you compare, you need to find at least TWO things. In the choice, (A)once, (B)never, (C)not don't indicate TWO, in fact, they indicate "one" or "none" or "no". Therefore, (A), (B) and (C) are out.

    Now, we choose (D)ever, its meaning is "at all times" (在任何時候; 從來; 至今). Please pay attention to its English explanation "at all times". Here it uses "times" (not time) that means frequency. Therefore, it indicates at least "TWO". In fact, if you are doing comparison, it is very common to use "ever". For example:

    He is happier than he has EVER been.

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    typo: It is an comparison ... --> It is a comparison ....

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    To make my explanation more complete, I like to talk about "eliminating most of the typical paperwork". If I were to write this sentence, I would add a comma before "eliminating" to make it clear. Otherwise, when people read, they will connect "ever" with eliminating.

    2012-02-10 15:19:25 補充:

    "eliminating most of the typical paperwork" is a Ving phrase (動名詞片語). It is used as an adjective to describe "Inhouse Financing"

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