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什麼是Critical Practice?

"Critical Practice" 是專有名詞嗎?


"Critical Practice in Social Work" 該怎麼翻??




很謝謝您的熱心貼文,但不好意思,本人才疏學淺,我知道wikipedia有解釋,但我需要知道的是"critical practice "翻成中文是___________???

"Critical Practice in Social Work" 翻成中文是_____________???

我自己是把critical practice翻成「關鍵性常規」、「批判性常規」、「關鍵性實踐」、「理論實踐」,但怎麼翻就怎麼奇怪。

還請專業人士能為我解答,謝謝 T^T


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  • 8 年前

    critical practice = 批判性實踐Critical Practice in Social Work = 社會工作中的批判性實踐



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  • 8 年前

    critical practice in social work:社會福利工作的關鍵性作法.

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  • 8 年前

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Critical Practice is the methodology used by a critic or observer to understand and evaluate a field of knowledge. While sometimes the fields of knowledge studied are academic, non-academic fields such as merchandising, law enforcement and medical clinical practice have been extensively studied. Critical practice is grounded in the concepts of critical theory. Consultants employing critical practice skills aim to help people improve outcomes. Analysis is applied to groups working in a particular area of expertise and with identifiable practice skills, and usually to a defined range of problems and situations. Thus practice tends be based on a restricted view of people and their problems, with a limited range of values applied in that practice.[citation needed]Critical practice aims to develop the ability and skill to see beyond the usual concerns of any given profession, into its unintended side effects, causes and consequences, and to do so from a critical and evaluative perspective.Thus, for example, the profession of social work might be practiced critically through practitioners being conscious that their role may be seen, and could operate, as an agent of social control, rather than just one of promoting some degree of liberation or of empowerment. In such a case the practitioner would be both the observer and the observed.

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