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請幫我翻譯一小段中文 中翻英 (急用)

在某一個小孩十歲的時候 因為父母工作的原因而全家搬到了泰國. 在這個別的小孩都還天真無憂的年齡 他卻要為了以後的生存而努力的學泰文這個他所這個陌生的語言. 三年過去了 這段時間內 他的頭髮開始變白 大量的壓力使他變的冷漠 過多的憂鬱讓他變成一個封閉自我的人

小時候 因為父母常常不在家 所以他大部分的時間都用在看書上 尤其是關於中國歷史的書 也因此 在小學期間他才可以在沒有父母的督導下 還能保持著不錯的成績 在3年級時 全家搬到了泰國 也是他開始接觸泰文的時候 他的成績一落千丈 試想突然間要一個人接受這個事實是多麼的難? 何況是一個小孩 那得承受多大的壓力阿? 它開始變的冷漠 封閉自我 對誰都是冷冰冰的樣子 直到他上國中以後才有所改善

國中期間 因為小時候有在數學上下過功夫 使他在國中的數學是如魚得水一般. 雖然是以泰文來教學但是這並不影響他的發揮 也因此開始有人關注他,與他交流. 後來在同學的建議下 他開始參加各式各樣的比賽 也開始介入同學間的活動 認識了幾個可以交心的朋友 他變的沒以前那麼的冷漠 臉上開始有了笑容

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    在某一個小孩十歲的時候 因為父母工作的原因而全家搬到了泰國. 在這個別的小孩都還天真無憂的年齡 他卻要為了以後的生存而努力的學泰文這個他所這個陌生的語言

    There was a 10-year-old boy who moved to Thailand because of his parent's work. He was forced to learn this unfamiliar language to be able to earn for living in his supposed-to-be carefree age.

    三年過去了 這段時間內 他的頭髮開始變白 大量的壓力使他變的冷漠 過多的憂鬱讓他變成一個封閉自我的人

    Three years have passed, a huge amount of his hair turned white , all the pressure turned his into an indifferent, depressed person.

    小時候 因為父母常常不在家 所以他大部分的時間都用在看書上

    When he was small, his parents were mostly out to work, so he spend most of his time on reading,

    尤其是關於中國歷史的書 也因此 在小學期間他才可以在沒有父母的督導下 還能保持著不錯的成績

    especially the books telling the history of China, that's why he can still get a good grade even without his parent's supervising.

    在3年級時 全家搬到了泰國 也是他開始接觸泰文的時候

    When he was on year three ( / the 3rd grade ) , the whole family moved to Thailand, and that's when he started learning Thai,

    他的成績一落千丈 試想突然間要一個人接受這個事實是多麼的難?

    that's also when his grades started to fall, just try to imagine how hard it is to accept this fact in such a short time.

    何況是一個小孩 那得承受多大的壓力阿? 它開始變的冷漠 封閉自我 對誰都是冷冰冰的樣子 直到他上國中以後才有所改善

    Furthermore, he is just a kid, how much pressure can he handle? So he starts turning cold and feeling depressed , being indifferent to everyone, but not until when he went to Junior high did his condition started to get better.

    國中期間 因為小時候有在數學上下過功夫 使他在國中的數學是如魚得水一般.

    He used to work very hard on mathematics when he was small, to him, Junior math was easy as pie.

    雖然是以泰文來教學但是這並不影響他的發揮 也因此開始有人關注他,與他交流.

    Although it was taught in Thai language, it didn't stop him from exerting, and that's when people starts to realize his existence and try to communicate with him.

    後來在同學的建議下 他開始參加各式各樣的比賽

    Accepting his classmate's advices, he started participating in all sorts of competitions,

    也開始介入同學間的活動 認識了幾個可以交心的朋友 他變的沒以前那麼的冷漠 臉上開始有了笑容.

    and joining the activities between classmates. After acquainting with some sincere friends, the coldness finally melted, and he even starts to have smile on his face.

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    At a some child ten year-old time, because the parents work but the reason entire family has moved to Thailand. In this individual children also naive without cause for grief's age he actually must for the later survival, but study Thai language this he this strange language diligently. Three years passed by in this period of time his hair to start to bleach the massive pressures to cause him change indifferent excessively many let him turn one melancholily to seal up the self-person In childhood because the parents were not at frequently the home, therefore his majority of time used on reading particularly about the Chinese history book also therefore in elementary school period he only then might in not have under parents' direction could also maintain the good result when 3 grades entire family to move to Thailand is also he starts to contact Thai language's time his result to suffer a disastrous decline considers takes a person to accept this fact is difficult suddenly how? Much less is a child that withstanding tremendous pressure Arab League? It will start the indifferent seal which will change to everybody is the icy appearance until him on the country later only then has the improvement In country period, because the childhood had, in the mathematics high and low time has caused him in country mathematics is like a fish in water general. Although comes the teaching by Thai language, but this does not affect his display also therefore to start some people to pay attention to him, exchanges with him. Afterward he started under schoolmate's suggestion to attend all kinds of competition also to start to involve activity between schoolmate's to know several might open heart the friend he changed on before such indifferent face has not started to have the smiling face


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    A child 10-year-old when his parents' work reasons the family moved to Thailand learning Thai in this the other children are still carefree, innocent age, he was going efforts for survival after he had this strange languageThree years have passed this time, his hair began to whiten a lot of pressure to make too much to the indifference he becomes melancholy let him become a closed self

    Child because their parents are often not at home most of his time with reading, especially books on the history of Chinese in primary period before he can be under the supervision of parents but also to maintain good results in the third grade family moved to Thailand is also he began to contact Thai of his grades plummeted Imagine suddenly between to be a person to accept this fact is so difficult? mention is a child that have to withstand much pressure a? it began to change the indifference closed self-pairs who are cold like until after his country began to improve

    During effort over from top to bottom in mathematics made ​​him in junior high school mathematics is like a duck to water in general. Child is Thai to teaching, but this does not affect his play and therefore some attention to his communication with his later students he began to participate in a variety of games under the proposal also involved in the activities of the students know can ingratiate themselves with the friends he grew not so cold face began to smile