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  • 8 年前

    Good evening and welcome to the BBC's news at six.

    For the first time the EU's economy commissioner has admitted that Europe could be in danger of a double-dip recession, the warning comes as the growth forecast for the EU including the Great Britain has been slashed. Europe is Britain's biggest trading partner and today David Cameron warned that leaders had to act now to prevent a new financial crisis.The longer the delay the greater the danger he said. Our Europe correspondent Mathew Price reports from Brussels.

    We didn't have to travel far this afternoon to find concern, anxiety about what's happening in Europe.

    I'm in the middle of crisis I guess, and I'm worried about my salary, for instance about my mortgage...

    Futher along the road to the self-styled heart of Europe, the commission, and inside today, the top Euro official here.

    I'm looking forward to the day when I can again bring you some good news sir,

    Not today though with his latest forecast for the EU's economy.

    This forecast is in fact, the, the last wake-up call, the recovery in the European Union has now come to a stand stilling(此處說stand stilling文法是不對的,不過聽他口音是西班牙人也就不奇怪了). There is a risk of a new recession.

    That should strike fear into the heart of all of us. It had been hoped that economic growth would help Europe recover from its debt crisis. Now that's no longer a solution.

    The heart of old Brussels gleams with memory of more prosperous times. but this is a continent desperately short of ideas on how to emerge from its current economic problems. With no growth and deepening debt crisis, politicians can't see a way forward.

    The strains are now really beginning to show within the Euro Zone, some countries argue there needs to be ever deeper integration to make sure this could never happen again. others say the Euro cannot survive in its present form. there is only one certainty, this is a full blown crisis, and nobody so far has a workable solution.

    2012-02-12 04:52:44 補充:

    In debt ridden Italy, support for the prime minister is fracturing. Fellow Euro Zone countries want to see the back of Silvio Berlusconi. For the UK an Italian collapse could trigger a Euro Collapse that would harm everyone.

    2012-02-12 04:57:45 補充:

    because our economy is so linked to the Euro Zone.

    If the leaders of the Euro Zone want to save their currency, then they together with the institutions of the Euro Zone must act now.

    and there was some action.

    2012-02-12 05:00:24 補充:

    In Athens, the focus of last week's market panic, a former European banker will now lead a government committed to bringing down Greece's massive debt.

    In Germany, Angela Merkel said she is focused on on goal, To stabilze the Euro Zone in its current form she insisted.

    2012-02-12 05:02:32 補充:

    How? thought, today even France came under increasing pressure from the financial markets. this is the biggest crisis since world war two, and no one knows where it's heading. Mathew Price, BBC news. Brussels.

    2012-02-12 05:06:35 補充:

    And our Chief economics correspondent Hugh Pimm is with me, We heard about the growth forecast for the whole of Europe being slashed, what does that mean for us here in Britain?

    Well, George, I think this commission forecast really brings home to all of us.

    2012-02-12 05:12:24 補充:

    what this turbulence in Euro Zone means for business and consumers and jobs. The commission says that the intensified financial turmoil is affecting investment consumption around Europe, that's the real economy,confidence is deteriorated

    2012-02-12 05:14:39 補充:

    and in the section only UK in this forecast it says that businesses in the UK are being affected by the weaknesses in the Euro Zone. it does have a forecast for the UK, it says that it believes a contraction economic output in the UK is possible in one of the next few quarters,

    2012-02-12 05:21:40 補充:

    if that happens. technically, we'll be back in recession with all the implications for jobs and so on. That being said, that commission does believe there will be growth in the UK next year an 0.6 percent.

    2012-02-12 05:22:39 補充:

    so it thinks we will carry on growing. The bad news if you like is that's even lower than this year's growth, in other words, no very much.

    Hugh, Thank you!!


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