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Poi 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


1.Do you mind my sitting next to you?


2.Meeting different people in the world is a lot of fun.


3.Are swimming lessons interesting?


4.Tom has been dead for two years.

Tom has died for two years.



還有 "分詞"為什麼叫分詞?

他的功能是什麼(我知道完成式會用到分詞 但是還是有點不大懂


我知道我問很多 拜託一下齁 感恩!!!

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  • 8 年前


    The reason is: "my" is possessive. It can be treated as an adjective, so it can be placed in front of "sitting" which is a present participle (動名詞).


    yes, you CAN. In fact, in this sentence, "has" is a better verb to use. "meeting people ... is a lot of fun" is kind of weird, even though it is grammatically correct. After all, "meeting" is NOT "a lot of fun" (like "dog" is not a "parasite", but "dog" has "parasites"), Hopefully, you can understand my saying why using "has" is better than "is".


    (a) "lessons" is in plural form, so you can only choose "are" or "do".

    (b) however, "interesting" is a present participle. Therefore, you have to use

    "are". If you want to use "do" you can write the sentence as:

    Swimming lessons do interest me. (here "do" is used to emphasize



    It is not a good idea to use "has died", after all, when someone died, it is forever. Therefore, no difference between "died" or "has/have died". In my opinion, the difference between "has been dead" and "died" is:

    (a) if you want to emphasize the death by using a present perfection tense,

    then you use "has been dead".

    (b) if you just want to state the death plainly, then you use "died".

    Nevertheless, "has/have been dead" and "died" DO mean the same.

    Why participle is translated as "分詞"?

    This word comes from Latin participium, it means "sharing". It shares in properties of the adjective or noun and of the verb. That is why it got translated as "分詞".

    The reason participle is needed is because:

    It can be used in compound verb tense (such as present perfection tense) or voices (periphrasis), or as a modifier (like "swimming" in "swimming lessons"). A phrase composed of a participle and other words is a participial phrase (quoted from "", you can read more from this site)

    2012-02-14 07:11:30 補充:

    Dark Helmet! Good point! This one I have to agree with you!

    2012-02-14 07:55:27 補充:

    愛波菜!, I hope you can understand what Dark Helmet's saying about "inanimate objects". In your question "meeting ..." where "meeting" is so-called "inanimate objects", therefore, it is better NOT to use "have".

    2012-02-14 07:57:26 補充:

    However, in the question, it uses "is" is also NOT a good choice (as I have tried to explained). Dark Helmet offers a better way to express the same meaning by using "there is...". I think, this is a very good suggestion.

    2012-02-14 07:59:23 補充:

    This kind of suggestion tells you that grammatically correct doesn't always mean logically sound. Therefore, you shall focus more on the logic when you study English, not the cold and inflexible grammar rules.

    2012-02-14 10:20:08 補充:

    Master Luois, I think we have discussed this in the past. I still treat possessive as an adjective. Here is the proof:

    2012-02-14 10:21:58 補充:

    In this site, it said: " ...used as an attributive adjective".

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  • 8 年前



    就算開了口,也說不了幾句話? 或是不知道說得對不對?

    語言家(有英文翻譯、英文校稿、 英文諮詢、英文家教等的服務, 更提供了一個美式的生活空間,給您一個可以自在練習說英文的地方。 誠摯的歡迎您有空來看看,或是您有任何的問題,歡迎您不吝給予指教。 也可以按下列的連結逛逛我們的官方網站,活動都會定期更新唷!

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    1.Do you mind my sitting next to you?



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  • 8 年前

    所有的動詞都可以轉變成名詞 及形容詞 使用.


    my sitting , swimming lessons, etc


    he is dead .

    it is a dying industry.


    Are you interested ?

    I am interested (in your proposal).

    He is an interesting person.

    第二題可以用is -or- has;

    英語的句型的第一個考慮要項是動詞的選擇 .

    be動詞表達現象- a state.

    普通動詞表達動作 - an act.




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  • 8 年前

    Regarding question #2,

    While I can see where DSG is coming from, it is grammatically incorrect to use "have" with inanimate objects. The correct way to write it is:

    There is a lot of fun in meeting different people in the world.

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