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  • 8 年前


    2012-02-19 21:33:31 補充:

    The debt debate putting the markets on edge this week. Two major credit rating agencies Moodies and S&P are both warning the country's triple A credit rating could be in jeopardy if the president and law makers fail to reach a deal, so what could happen if the U.S. does default and more importantly how can you protect your financial future. We're joining me now the managing partner of Chatwood Capital Investment management Ed Butowski, Ed, it's always good to see you, you know, these are some stark times here because of what's looming in the not too distant future. if the Congress fails along with the president fails to meet that August 2 deadline, if that happens, what's going to happen to our pocket books?

    Well, Kelly, what's happened, it's like a panic setting in around this country. and let us put this in perspective, if the debt ceiling is not raised, it is not synonymous with us defaulting on our debts. let's make that very clear, we're not going to default on our debt even if the debt ceiling is not raised, Okay? Having said that, I mean it's very important to know that now having said that, if we don't raise it, that might mean that we have less revenue to pay into you know to our debt, and as a result of that our triple A rating is on watch and could be subject to coming down which makes sense just like a corporation Kelly, if a corporation's earnings aren't very good, their credit rating might drop a little bit that's what's happening here, but we are not going to default on our debt.

    Well, let me ask you, How will this affect our personal saving and spending? What should we do about our 401K and our future savings?

    Right, and this is a good question, now regardless if we default or not default, but we do have a problem in this country with debt, and if our credit rating does go down or regardless if it goes down or not, people should stay fully invested. We're going to as we are closer to the wire that August 2nd deadline,

    2012-02-19 21:35:43 補充:

    we're gonna see a lot more volatility, a lot more news stories, and people are gonna get very unnerved. stay fully invested in your 401K plan because quite frankly, there's nowhere else to go, I mean, what are you gonna... put it in bonds that pays zero?

    2012-02-19 21:38:49 補充:

    Well, a well known anchor who's sitting next to me asked me, should I put my money under my mattress? not a good place to put it, she was joking, there are some people might be thinking that way because they might trust their institution of the mattress

    2012-02-19 21:40:38 補充:

    better than the government and the financial institutions.

    Right, and that's why it's very important having this discussion because we not not going to default on our debt. people should stay fully invested. whatever they are doing six months ago, they should continue to do today.

    2012-02-19 21:44:40 補充:

    ED, you're always confident about the future of American in terms of what we do, uh, do you think the country is gonna move toward some sort of uh... debt crisis that it can't meet or will the congress do the right thing?

    2012-02-19 21:47:23 補充:

    Well, if continue down the path we are right now with the policy we have in place, down the road, it could get, you know, a little more, you know tenuous. right now, we're not in that position. Um, can it happen down the road? yes, and you know,

    2012-02-19 21:49:38 補充:

    Look, i've been very vocal about this, time and time again, we want to fix this economy, drop taxes on everybody, stimulate that engine which is the economy, drop it down to fifteen twenty percent across the board, and we won't be having this discussion two years grom now.

    2012-02-19 21:52:32 補充:

    See, I, I knew you would say the right thing, Ed Butowski, you're always the man of wisdom, I wish we could follow that on capital hill and actually, what's you message is to American people "keep on saving" Don't worry about it.

    2012-02-19 21:54:12 補充:


    Thank you Sir,



    Ed knows his stuff, so I guess I'll have to listen and stay (invested)

    Not the mattress...

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  • lobo
    Lv 5
    8 年前

    the debt debate put into market on edge this week.

    2 major credit rating agencies Moody and S&P are both warning the country triple A rating would be in jepardy.2r家信用評比公司警告美國3a汲汲可危

    if president and lawmakers failed to reach a deal達成協議

    how can you protect your financial future?

    if congress along with president failed to meet August 2th deadline.最後期限

    if debt ceiling is not raised舉債上限未提高

    credit rating go down信用評比下降

    should I putting my money under my matress床墊下

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  • 8 年前


    英文字幕即可 ((可以的話附上中文))

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