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請問如何翻譯「Guardians Of Darkness」?

請問如何翻譯「Guardians Of Darkness」?


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  • 9 年前



    Guardians = 守護者

    Darkness = 夜晚

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    參考資料: 本人在美國念書
  • JM
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    9 年前

    I did not consider about 'window shades' when I asked the question, when you said 'window shades', you are talking about a part of the house decoration, am I right?

    2012-02-20 13:31:44 補充:

    You have interesting brain cells, I can't help to wonder who or what is your cell mates, prisoner26535. :) By the way, when you mentioned 'princess of the darkness', that reminds me The Bride in the movie Kill Bill which I saw in the last two days from cable TV.

    2012-02-20 13:33:39 補充:

    And thanks for sharing the link of Wikipedia, however, I like to remind the plural form of Guardian, in my question, it is Guardians instead of Guardian, just like to make it clear. Thank you again.

  • 9 年前

    Is it "window shades?"

    2012-02-19 23:51:39 補充:

    Yes, Window shades indeed guard the darkness in the Dark Mansion so that the toxic sun ray does not shine right in.

    2012-02-19 23:52:49 補充:

    More importantly that the princess of the darkness can continue her evil dreams - come, you poor souls and fellow weaklings; come fast and surrender under my darkness. One day, if you serve me well, I will allow you to kiss my left toes.

    2012-02-19 23:54:08 補充:

    Well, I like nonsense - it tickles my brain cells.

    2012-02-20 00:28:14 補充:

    He is my dark lord, commanding 3M of my evil goblins.